Monday, April 1, 2013

Beer Thralls

Welcome to the home of the Beer Thralls : a team of semicompetitive Warmachine/Hordes players...and amateur travelers.

For myself, I have spent months talking up how I wanted to play at a competitive level.
The rest of the team have volun... ^H^H^H^H^H been dragged screaming into this mess.
Much like a racing team  - we may well compete against each other at events but that's no excuse not to use each other to drive our skills to be better.
The goals:
a) prepared to, and confident in our chances at Steamroller and Hardcore tournaments. If we can get to a Masters tournament all the better.
b) win said tournaments - preferably to jam up the top ranks.
c) have a cheap excuse to travel and explore new cities. Yes, Chicago, Indiannapolis, and Seattle don't seem the most interesting cities...but what about Dallas, SanAntonio, and Dover? 
d) find new and interesting places to eat, drink, and make merry.
e)oh, yeah, and there's that hobby thing.  Pretty shiny toys

How are we going to get there?  Well crap...

a) Assemble the minimum requirements for Steamroller/Hardcore/Masters :
2 50 point armies of one faction. Each. Both lists should be able to expand to 75 or reduce to 35 points.
Its only 30 models. Buck up folks.
b) Practice. Practice. Practice.
c) Teach. Not just each other, but participate in regular blog articles.  By being able to articulate our ideas we can share, and demonstrate our understanding of both the game and our factions.
yes, I know there are a lot of blogs out there. This isn't about money, or recognition, but as a learning tool.
d) Lose. its gonna happen. we're gonna lose many games. But then again we're gonna play many games! Its about playing.
e) then there's the beer.  Beer you ask? Yes, Beer. Maybe rum.  Put simply this is a fun thing to do - play games, go find somewhere to sit, talk smack, congratulate/console/chide each other, and talk about how we do next time better.
f) motivate. probably after we recover from the beer.  Its so much easier than self motivation.

Oh, and then there's the silly banners, and goofy gamer shit.

- Oldgrue


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