Sunday, April 14, 2013

Cold spring Pint!

So its summer, and I'm in a town with three Breweries collecting alcohol tokens with Ladygrue.

Midnight is a small brewery in Rockville VA (just outside Richmond) with an ambitious and skilled Brewer. 
The Bourbon aged Oatmeal stout is outstanding. A medium body with a fine texture to the carbonation. The Bourbon is present making a subtle compliment to the richness provided by the oatmeal.

Today's other offerings are "Not my Job" their southern English brown,  "Rockville Red " their Irish red style, and a kolsch.   If you're within a two hour drive come and visit. The local food trucks are amazing - and the Bourbon stout goes amazingly with Boka's Shrimp and Grits taco. 

If you have the opportunity, go drink a local pint, with good friends, and get a game in!



  1. Yeah, I know I posted in April. But it was 80+ out!

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