Monday, April 22, 2013

Obsessively sticking to faction

I admit I'm a bit of a faction snob.
Playing Cryx it doesn't hurt as much not having Eyriss, or Carvolo, or any of a fistful of other mercenaries.  We get so many less than other factions ... and look what it did for Llael.  Oh, yeah, they're a setting not a faction. We do get some few and  they have uses (like filling Goreshade1's tier list) that are a little harder to get in faction. But are they worth all the hubbub?

As a Cryx player the most useful mercenaries are turned in faction by one of pSkarre's tier lists. mercenary Privateer units become in faction allowing a fairly interesting shooting list for Cryx.  But what of the other factions?

Forget Them. Forget them all.

One of the best things about mercenaries is the tools.that are brought to the table. Long time mercenary players will echo "duh!" with the derision of a hornrimmed PBR swilling Indie rock culture vulture. OK, you played mercenaries before it was.... No. Its still not cool. Does that nomad itch? It did when Cygnar dumped it in the scrapyard! Ahem. Where was I? Its the tools they bring. MacNaile and his 3 cannons (shut up and spend the 8 points) add outstanding punch! Devil Dogs (a reason to marshal all by themselves) Steelheads and Boomhowler....
 I could rattle on and on about  specific units but there are pages upon pages of "why X rocks and Y sucks!" 

Think of them like a new warcaster (or warlock...but I'm not biased...) - new tools that will change the way your force performs, teach you more about your force, and ... ok, I caught a few extra losses. But I suck.
Go out and don't be me!



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