Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Overcoming inertia (or how I learned to love going out and dropping the bomb on people!)

I keep saying that I'll post this when I've actually done it. Well, I haven't, not all of it. But I have taken the first steps and started actually reading and playing some refresher games to relearn the new rules.

For those that weren't playing when it first came out, it has actually changed, but just slightly enough to change my ideas and tactics! They've also fixed some broken things (nice of them to admit when something doesn't work). In addition, I've been reading the privateer faction forums learning about all the new and different options available (of which there are many since I first started and many that have changed). I've also asked if would be possible to schedule a game on a Saturday when I'm in the area. But I think it would also be good for me just to see other factions being played since I have limited exposure to some of the Hoardes factions among others.

I have every excuse not to make it out right now (work, work, work, distance, location, crappy players, more work), but that is all they are...excuses. I will get back out there to drop the bomb. I just need make/find the encouragement, the motivation and the energy to do so. Because I would love to play against and see something other then Cryx.

But it was in my research that I realized that it might be better, for now, to focus on my own faction, to figure out how to use what I have to the best of their abilities. To relearn how to charge, trample, headbutt, throw, learning the timing on using a feat, figuring out what I might need for my army to make 2 well rounded 50 point lists, etc., before spending time figuring out my opponents armies and how to be a better loser. I'll admit I hate to lose (who doesn't?), but I can really suck at it, so these refresher games have been a learning experience on many levels. Because I certainly don't want to become one of "those" players!

So, really I haven't learned to love going out yet, but I have learned more about my army, learned how to make an army list, how to play with the new rules, how to become a better player and not to give up just because things aren't going how I planned. I've learned that in order to overcome inertia, you have to start somewhere, even if it's baby steps!

Now, get out there and play like you have a pair because failure is not an option!


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