Sunday, April 7, 2013

Wheels within Wheels - Machinations: Anomaly Cards reviewed

This season's Machinations League has been released.
Last season was lackluster - I drastically underperformed. Bad me.

We're her to talk about the cards however.  Toruk's ragged scales these cards...I'm so very happy these are all FA:U.

Desecrator Cryptkeeper:
 Mortenebra players are somewhere between a joygasm and slack jawed awe.  While I love the idea of Toruk's finest getting a flame AOE (especially over corrosion) the Desecrator is more useful in its normal incarnation due to its normal focus synergy.  The additional movement simply isn't enough to overcome what is a weak melee weapon and a short range AOE. 4" AOE at 9" with a persistent cloud is less effective than the original.  Bushwhack instead of shred would have made this quite desirable.

5th Border Legion Demolisher:
Dhunia loves the motherland this season. "When a living or undead model is boxed by this weapon center a 3"AOE ..." Just what Khador needs: a model that brings its own forest AOE. Charge lanes and LOS just got a new flavor of control. Combined with Hunter this presents some very interesting possibilities at segregating an enemy force.

Winter Repenter:
What did the Protectorate do to deserve this? Stationary is powerful, but making models that hit is stationary with Rime relegates this to a blocking role. I chalk my being so unimpressed up to my limited command of the Protectorate.

Blightgifted Stormclad:
This is what happens when you bribe the developers.
Cryx would kill for reach, a shield, ARM 18, and an 8" POW 14 4"AOE.  at 10 points this will still see a LOT of play. In Cygnar's hands this becomes terrifying - marshalled or not.

Needletail Sphinx:
This is the gun the Sphinx should have had all along.  +1/+2 medium/large bases and an increased normal prices.  Expect to see this used as often as possible.

Dozer Rover:
Aggressive and Bulldoze make the Rover an excellent Jack. Free charges and bulldoze are matches made in heaven.

Nightshade Dire Troll:
Adaptation, and 2 focus for Reach (elasticity) on threshold 10 5 fury... and it doesn't *replace* the EBDT.  Expect four weeks of twin EBDT agony. Even without Transmute the Nightshade troll is a contender...and an irritant to anyone who brings along their own shallow water templates. (I'm looking at you, Gatormen!)

The idea is interesting.  Alone the vortex blast is too short ranged to be a real concern and armor 17 with 25 boxes makes it too fragile to be a serious contender amongst so many other solid constructs.  Witch Blight's 5" radius is simply too small to be a concern when forced to compete with things like the Scarsfell Griffon.  It seems that the tools it brings to play make it barely a curiosity.

Cyclops Storm Shaman:
Between an excellent Animus and pretending to be a small group of storm knights I think the only thing I would have preferred is it being a Raider rather than a Shaman. Warjacks beware.

Grundback Stinger: (Stingers gonna trench.)
An artillery piece with Dig In, and (for 1 FOCUS) can't be pushed, knocked down, or made Stationary.  2 points for a fairly solid cheap animus.
If you see a lot of pushing, or clump lose for Retribution to use their Vortex Blast, this could have room made for it.
Could. Or, you could call this an also ran because its FA:U and salvage your self respect.

Rotgut Road Hog:
Poking the Blindwater Congregation soundly in the eye we have another "We want to be just like Cryx" entry in the season.  9 points of Road Hog, Lightning Strike (for a little more Sprint), and an emergency Bile Thrall. That's right: POW 12  SP10 and a Bile Thrall's Purge.  Sure, its fatal, but as a *ATTACK the last poke in the eye of a dying warbeast can be to purge a 6" swath of doom.  Spend the extra point for a Feralgeist so you can get another Purge for spite.

Four weeks of exciting new missions leading up to a whole new mini-faction for Warmachine.  Rumours abound but the Cyriss army looks to be a planned limited force along the lines of the Thornfall Alliance!



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