Friday, May 31, 2013

BeerThralls Podcast - The Return!

Our second beer fueled podcast full of excitement and debates from the comfort of my own home. Why? Well... schedules were a little screwed up and we had some really good Bourbon Cru from Hardywood in Richmond, VA.

Be warned. It starts off good and then alcohol kicks in....

00:00 Introduction and putting the new Thrall on the spot
02:15 Assassination vrs Play for Points
10:30 A segue!
11:00 Faction ADD
lots of ramblings on the starter boxes...
21:50 Colossal and Gargantuan - Are they worth it?
37:10 Chasing rabbits - Shoulder Pad war...
38:30 Support your local game store!
42:30 A second segue! Death Clocks and tournament play
51:30 Last beer down


1 comment:

  1. Silly doctor appointments, everyone got to miss me yelling about Archangels and how PP screwed the pooch on that one.


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