Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Entropy League starts next month!!


No, seriously. The rules for Entropy were released along with the cards.

So, what does that mean for you?
Cygnar: a minor tweak on your Storm Strider. Nothing really to see here. Keep reading.

Protectorate: Conversion is an awesome power. Bring along a Vessel just for the hood rats.

Khador: You want this all the time. A Cygnar Slugger, two firebombing cannons that leave cloud AOE. AND SPRINT! Trample. Shoot lots. SPRINT.

Cryx: Handing out Incorporeal is fun. Dropping clouds is fun. I can see significant Mayhem being inflicted with this.

Retribution: Steve Jobs' battle engine. Neat "turn models to face randomly" effect. Still looks like an Apple branded cricket.
Mercenaries: Small based love for scenarios. This has become a must have for the season.

Trollbloods: WAR WAGON OF DRUNKEN HEROES.  Does exactly what it says on the tin.  Bring 2. For the love of Dhunia bring 2.

Circle Orboros:  Someone had to get the Iron Lich Overseer of the season. Sorry.

Skorne: Angry armadillo is angry. The ability to boost is going to surprise the hell out of someone.

Legion of Everblight: This is just one hateful beast. Berzerk and autoboosting against the living.

Minions: Available to more factions than an Ordic Cortesan this is the other must-have model.  Fresh off a Jackie Chan movie marathon Cygnar and Mercenaries are going to be significantly more difficult to play against in scenario. I told you to keep reading.

Each of the Schematics are different again and the missions are...challenging.  Have a read!

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  1. You sir are on Crack! Well, that is to be expeceted, however I can't disagree with you more on the Circle Entropic Engine. 3 different shooting attacks. One that is AOE 4; POW 15 with Corrosion, one that is a Range 10, POW 12 Spray Attack; and one that is Range 10, POW 12 that when you hit directly with it pulls all enemy models within 2" directly towards it before placing a 3" AOE where all models under the AOE take the POW 12 hit. And on top of all of that it can gain up to 3 soul tokens when a living model dies within 3" of it to use to boost attack and damage rolls. I am considering purchasing one just so I can use these rules... and get the huge base painting points.


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