Monday, June 17, 2013

Podcast 4 - The newbie episode

In this very special episode of BeerThralls, we discuss why we chose our faction and where new players should go after the battlebox. Nathan also learns about sharing and caring. Awwwww

02:10 Cheers
02:20 Topic Boy gives the topics
02:30 How I picked my army
07:00 What should I have after the battlebox?
44:40 Worse model in your faction
55:50 Last beer hits the table
57:10 Game off

Next week we are hoping to have Huzzah Hobbies owner Chris at the table to discuss his opinions of the game, communities, and any other topic we ramble into.


1 comment:

  1. For our little debate about the troll warlock attachment, I think we were confusing sculpts and stats! The Chronicler is the solo for the Krielstone, and the Elder is the warlock AKA Troll Moses. The Chronicler is great, I think he's cool.Troll Moses is still garbage.


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