Friday, June 7, 2013

So much to do; So little time.

Here is my day:
Wake up at 6:15am
At work by 7:00am
Work till 11:15ish then lunch at my desk
Leave work by 3:00pm if lucky
Come home and read emails and facebook
Rest and do other things until 10pm rolls around then sleep
Rinse repeat

Problem is that rest and do other things includes hanging out with friends, working on my house, mowing the lawn, cleaning, laundry, commission painting, competition painting, watching Defiance (Man that show is awesome), and Tuesdays throwing Warmachine/Hordes demos....

No time! Well there has to be. I have a couple of rules when it comes to Hobbies.
1. If it feels like a job: stop - Seriously stop. It is a hobby and is something that is suppose to be fun. It shouldn't be a job (unless you do commission work... then it is....). Take a break. Your brain is basically telling you you are thinking to hard and it wants to rest. Come back to it in an hour or tomorrow.

2. Schedule a time - My painting time is about an hour after I get home till around 8:00. After that if I am being inspired I will do more (unless Defiance is on... once again... awesome show). Tuesdays and Sundays are my gaming and podcast nights. Scheduling a time allows you to get into a routine. It tells your mind and body to be prepared because you do this every time at this time.

3. Goals - Yeah I break them too, but setting a goal for your painting session is a great idea. I am going to finish this competition piece's backpack today. I am going to knock out 4 Bloodtrackers. Setting a goal not only makes you feel accomplished but gives you a point where you feel like you can stop. Setting a squad of 10 guys on the table can feel overwhelming and make you want to stop. Goals of minimal squads or a beast/warmachine or two is a good thing.

Really, the simplest way to crowbar your hobby into your busy day is not to crowbar it at all but to make is a small portion. Yes, things come up. A water heater breaks, friends are calling, you are just emotionally or physically drained, work calls you in at 2pm on Memorial Day weekend to fix an issue for two people out of 1000 and it needs to be done NOW.... hypothetically.....  It is tough but once you find a small niche for painting and playing you will start looking forward to it.


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