Tuesday, June 18, 2013

They let me loose on the streets of Caspia

Having slipped the chains of the Scharde Isles Diplomatic Corps(e) in Caspia I found myself wandering lost and parched in the hommlets outside the main walls.

The distinct smell and sound of beer drew me into Lost Rhino.
Summer is upon us and Sumner beers reign. Wheat and IPA rule with hoppy iron fists.

Lost Rhino's tasting room is an example of what all good tasting rooms need to be.  Thankfully brewers understand the need for clean. Well lit - this is for socializing not cloaked conspiracy. Inviting - happy people, maybe a little music, and a pride in their offerings.  Like a pub but less well worn.

"Who cares? What about the beer?"
'Good' is a word for lazy boring people. I was unlucky enough to visit when all they had on tap were safe seasonal choices further biased by my general dislike of the IPA style. These were solid summer drinking beers with one standing out above the rest: Ice Breaker IPA.
Yes. The IPA.
It can be difficult tasting five different beers with many of the same elements - especially with my palate's  "fire bad. Beer good!" sophistication.  I was impressed simply because the expectations of this IPA were shattered. An unexpected demonstration of craftsmanship.

So,  should you be wandering lost anywhere near (Google it yourself!) Lost Rhino I'd advise taking the trek to visit them. Have a taste of something outside your comfort zone - it might surprise you!



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