Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Week one of the divorce: Changing faction.

If this was a typical break up there would be a lot of country music and crying on friends shoulders.  Maybe a few too many beers exaggerating small flaws and desperately trying to justify abandoning the investment of time and effort...
of course the problem is I love my faction. I'm not changing factions. this is just a separation while I work some shit out.

So now that I'm committed to this course of action it's time to check out the options. A few dates here and there ( including a quick fling with Everblight. Way too much like the last faction even if it was freakier on the table).  So now I decided to hook up with this other faction. Not drop dead gorgeous, and rough around the edges in a bar fight in Glasgow sort of way.

So now I'm starting on a 35-50 point  cycle of trollkin and realizing that I've got fuck-all for tiers. Tiers are a mixed bag, but for now I'm going to use one as a starting point.

Tier 4: The Big Bang
50+5 points, 29 models

Captain Gunnbjorn  +5 points
* 3x Dire Troll Blitzer  8 points each
(Need 1)
* Troll Impaler  5 points

Fell Caller Hero  3 points
6 Pyg Bushwackers  (5 points)
Thumper Crew  3 points
Thumper Crew  3 points
6 Trollkin Scattergunners  5 points
* Scattergunner Officer & Standard  (2 points)
3 Trollkin Sluggers  (5 points)

Additional Rules:

For every two units, place one trench template. (BOOYAH!)
Thumper Crew units gain Advance Deployment.
Models in Gunnbjorn's battlegroup gain +2 SPD during your first turn.

Week two will be the first round of reviews of my mixed results.



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