Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Day 1, New Wolves on the Track

Burning on to the battlefield comes Kromac and friends, signaling a new start for Team Orboros in Entropy, the 3rd leg of the Machinations campaigning season.  Hey guys I'm Jay.  I am new to the Beer Thralls but not to the game (or the drinking).  With the kick off of the Machinations: Entropy league I cast off the warm, safe crutch of Khador and strike out to new territory with Circle Orboros.  If you can't tell already my first primary 'lock is going to be Kromac the Ravenous, though I also have Kaya the Wildborne and Baldur the Stonecleaver to aid Kromac in controlling my small but rowdy horde.

So far I have done some painting, in order to figure out a scheme, and played 2 games.  1 at 25pts with Kaya and the other at 50pts (as part of a 100pt team game) with Kromac.  Both casters preformed well, but I made lots of mistakes and struggled a good deal with the army in both games.  The last time I played Hordes was back in Mark 1, and I was playing Skorne.  So Circle is a whole bag of worms for me.

My first hard lesson was with Kaya, and was a common one Warmachine players make when switching to Hordes.  I spent 2 turns setting up a really great charge on a Juggernaut where my Feral Warpwolf would be able to pickup and throw the warjack deep into a small pond it was skirting as it advanced towards my lines.  Unfortunate what I forgot was that for me to force my beast, the spot that the Feral needed to end up, needed to be in Kaya's control area.  Luckily I caught myself before actually declaring the charge and moving the Feral Warpwolf out of my control area.

The second lesson I learned was that Feral Warpwolves can die quickly when not warped for Armor, especially to Bane Thralls.  I am use to being able to charge into the enemy, do some damage, and still probably have a heavy Khadoran warjack for me to use in my next turn assuming it didn't get outnumber by several powerful enemies.  This is not so for Circle beasts, at least not Warpwolves that have been 16 and 17 armor normally.  The Bane Thralls -2 Arm ability really hurt and my Warpwolf went bye bye pretty quickly.

I also ran into another common problem that new players often have problems with, that you need to understand and fully grasp what all your models do and in this case, which one has which animus.  In my second game I tried to cast the Lightning Strike animus with Ghetorix after he had killed several enemies and I wanted him to sprint away to safety. However I then realized that Lightning Strike was actually the Stalkers animus and as a  resulted Ghetorix was left standing surrounded by Cryx.

And finally I once again was reminded that just because your model has lots of attacks with the potential to do lots of damage, it is better to boost your to hit roll to get some damage in, instead of risking it and not doing any damage at all.  In my second game both the Stalker and the Warpborn unit both proved to be great threats that had my enemy worried until both managed to miss with the majority of their attacks because of their mediocre MAT of 6.  It has also been a while since I tried to use the combined melee attack ability with a non-shield wall unit (shield wall units stay tightly packed together so tend to have lots of models in range) and I did not do a good job of getting all the models where they need to be to participate to best effect.

You live and you learn (in my case you die and you learn) I guess.  More lessons with my new faction and maybe some pics next time.  See you soon.


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