Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Episode 6 - LOOK! It's Maxwell Finn!

In this episode of the BeerThralls Podcast, we are sitting around the house drinking a wonderful Lost Rhino "Never mind the Bollekes" (ed: beer must be named correctly or readers can't google it. ) ale and discussing how dreamy Maxwell Finn is.

00:00 Introduction
00:35 Tau day introduction and Nathan is not a Star Wars geek
01:55 Introduction to the beer
02:30 A brief Mac bashing session
03:30 Us and Cheer
03:40 Duck Tacos!
04:20 Shane tries to overstep topic boy
04:50 Duck Taco lists (lists good on paper but fail in execution)
09:10 Vassal conversation (
10:15 Back to Duck Taco Lists
13:25 We slide, gracefully, into talking about mortars in the game
17:35 Jay commits a party foul
20:05 The funniest Maxwell Finn rant EVER
24:40 Segue into when you should have your stuff painted
31:00 Segue into Machinations: Entropy, painting leagues, and priming in your base color
37:27 Last Beer Down

Support your local game store. Support your local brewery.



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