Monday, July 22, 2013

Episode 9: Its a Banenado!

Sitting in the Alamo again, drinking beers, and babbling.We mostly keep on topic but beer says no. We discuss some ways your dice are evil, Nathan loses a bet, and we throw around why you should choose your caster well.

01:10 The Beers
03:50 Pacific Rim talk
04:50 Topic Guy!
06:32 Luck or Not
13:55 The Gamblers Fallacy
16:00 James is a Gallows Grove
16:40 A Wild Zach appears!
21:10 Cheers! This is why we need Zach around to remind us to cheers....
21:30 List Building 102: Choosing your caster
39:55 Segue into using your feat effectively
1:07:45 We babble so much but last beer is down



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