Monday, July 15, 2013

Week 1: Recruited into the Convergence of Cyriss

Dear Journal,

Last week I was contacted by some priests of Cyriss. I was given the opportunity to do some great work and see amazing things. I can't go into much detail, but I have passed the tests and was welcomed into the Convergence. 

At first I was given menial tasks to acclimate me to my new environment. Working alongside Forge Master Syntherion, we assembled a Cipher vector, a galvanizer vector, a mitigator vector, a monitor vector, and an inverter vector. Soon after I was given the task to paint each one. 

I do not say that it is easy to paint such devices. They are very complex with thin pieces and many hidden or small gears. I am almost completed with the task. 

Sunday, an alarm was sounded as a small force of Cryx was spotted near the temple. Forge Master Syntherion commanded me to watch the battle and see how the vectors I had helped assemble faired in battle. 

It looked to be an easy battle. Each vector acting as part of a well oiled clock. Jacks and banes fell to precision movements and precision strikes. Soon the Cyrx army lay in ruins except for their caster known as Asphyxious. A failed charge of the Inverter left an opening for the Cryx caster to throw hellfire at Syntherion. His systems failed but the Cryx war caster was weak and without an army so he fled the field. The Priests are working to move him to a new body. 

I know we shall see more battles. Soon I will be able to lead them also. 



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