Friday, July 5, 2013

Week Three of the Divorce : Playing the field and raising the bar scene...

So I've started fooling around with Trollbloods for the local Entropy League.
So far its proving to be similar to looking for a date on Craigslist : Spooky, and riddled with failure.

Game 1:
Zerkova                                                             Gunnbjorn
6 Doomreavers w/ UA                                      2 Blitzers
3 Man o war Shocktroopers             VS            6 Scattergunners
Spriggan                                                            2 Thumper Cannon
Wyshnyylr                                                         Fell Caller
Alexia 2

The shortest description of this particular event was:
They do everything right; I do everything wrong.
I was completely overconfident on this list - advancing too far forward and running smack into Zerkova's feat stripping shooty warbeasts of their sluggers (We interpreted this wrong but the impact would have been minimal for the Blitzers - they were apparently far too interested in eating their own Pyg Aces.) and getting my own scattergunners all caught up in their own unbuckled bootstraps.

The 4th also gave me the opportunity to play two of the silliest most awesome missions in the new league:   Critical Mass and No One Survives.

Critical Mass randomises a terrain piece and lights any models within 4" on fire, *and* lays a pow 18 slam on anyone so unfortunate as to be in base contact with it.  This  taught Gunnbjorn a lesson as he was slammed out into the open in front of a few Menite warjacks looking to discuss what the Lawgiver thought about trollkin.

No One Survives has a single trench template in the center of the field - anyone not within it is removed from play at the end of turn six.  Gunnbjorn, even with the help of the Blitzer's animus (Push enemy models within 2" of this model 3" directly away) was not in the trench despite the hardest working Thumper crews in Immoren doing their level best to relocate heavy warjacks.

Am I winning? No. Most definitely not.
Am I having fun? Trollkin have proven to be a riot.  Cryx is all Serious Business



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