Monday, July 1, 2013

Week Two of the Divorce: the House and Kids...

So now I'm going about splitting up stuff for the House and Kids...
Downsized to a new bag, making room for new and interesting shapes...

So far its about as I expected.
The old habits have to change.  This new faction doesn't like to be touched the same way. there's no subtle caresses - its all axe to face. 100% all go no stop.  And right now she's fickle, but does she have endurance!

I've been practicing lower on points because I don't have the Bushwhackers or Sluggers and proxying still is best for behind closed doors with the curtains drawn. Yeah, I'm still in the closet about it. After a few rounds on Vassal I've learned switching factions and core mechanic is difficult. The learning curve is sharper, but I'm finding my understanding is expanding at a pleasantly surprising rate.  Maybe I can get a victory in next week!

So if you listened to the podcast (What? You can't time travel? Watch for it!)  we went on about the use of artillery. At length. I'm convinced we're (collectively) using it wrong.   The ability to threaten a large segment of the board has to have more impact than the very impressive and mobile Molik Missile.  This is my goal for the next few weeks - I'm going to test drive some units that are arguably less desirable especially because they are misunderstood.

Come watch the fireworks!


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