Saturday, August 24, 2013

Do you know how to get to Broadway?

Practice. Practice.  Practice.
Interestingly enough Studies show this is the way most professional level performers attain and maintain their edge. Significant practice of the basics with a scattering of challenging variations.  Interestingly the opposite of how to build muscle - high intensity practice over a shorter duration.

" Ok great it's trivia day at the beerthralls..."  No ,we haven't been hitting the sauce early, and it's not the DTs.  Infuriated Inebriates or not we are sincerely trying to be better even arguably competitive.

Head on over to our friends at and take a look at the composition of tournament lists for each faction. Despite everyones opinion on unit efficiency we do see the same elements repeated over and over:
The basic tactics of each faction drilled the point of mechanical precision. 

This is why I support events like "rapid fire " where one plays as many low point games as possible. Nothing like four hours of battle box games to drill the basics in. (That should be approximately at 10 games.)
To really stretch your skills: 7 minute turns and a death clock is amazing for keeping you on your toes.

Why does this even come to mind you ask? This is also going to be our November training regimen. While at least one of us in their magnificent bastardry won't have a problem with this I know I'm going to shed a few mental pounds just knocking out the basics.

We talk about things like timing your feat or knowing your units but aside from practice there is very little way to get those skills up to speed at the same time.  And it's not necessarily going to be fun. Keeping up to very stringent tournament standards is stressful. It may make us want to swear off tournaments for a while.  Getting in shape about the goal and not how unpleasant it is to get there.

So go play someone who's better than you. Its going to hurt your pride a little. Practice is practice and the only important victory is the one that brings home your coin.



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