Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Episode 12: The Coin Episode

Hey Gamers' Lounge Bill! I found the Noise Reduction feature!

This week Topic Boy is on vacation with the Eternal Guest so we try our best to dig through without his guidance.

01:07 What are we drinking?
03:32 Cheers!
03:45 No topic boy!
04:03 Coin check
05:23 Dragon's Den in Richmond, VA is awesome!
08:21 The actual tournament itself
19:30 Learn to pop your feat at the right time flashback
20:55 Small discussion on the BeerThralls Bar Crawl and Strangeways
24:15 Finding your Style (dubstep mix!) (Listen for Shane assassinate Owen's conversation)
40:10 Gaspy defined!
41:05 Back to topic
45:20 A Wild Caleb appears!
1:00:00 Last Beer Down


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