Thursday, August 29, 2013

Episode 13: Now with more anger

This week we once again sit around the trusty table... no wait... this isn't our table! GET OUT OF OUR TABLE!

Fine... we will sit at this one and record.

00:40 We found our fourth listener!
01:12 What are we drinking?
02:52 Cheers!
03:09 Topic Boy!
04:27 GenCon report
12:15 Owen plays a tournament....
15:00 BeerMachine
16:05 Rapid Fire Tournaments/events
28:30 How do you deal with argumentative opponents?
32:05 A keg dies and a new one is born
42:12 Tournament terrain
1:00:05 And we are waiting on Nathan....
1:00:30 Last Beer Down\Worst Sign Off Ever



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