Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Week 9 of the divorce.

Yep. That's it.
We are done. Its not you, Trollbloods, its me. I'm just not that into you. You're beautiful and your backstory is fascinating.... but its just not working. Maybe we can just be friends?

And that is how I went back to my freaky Cryx gaming. I'm back to regularly practicing my main list -Scaverous isn't everyone's cup of tea.  He certainly don't want I would call a standard tournament caster: hell even the majority of cricket players look at him a little funny. Then again they look at Terminus much the same way.

The worst part about this whole escapade has to be that it hasn't broken my fascination with Trollbloods and the potential of their shooting. I don't quite a drive with the playtesters' line of thought but I suspect that's the general consensus amongst Trollblood community. Many of their weapons are almost spectacular: generally they need one more rat and one more pow. The ranges are just about right, and their special abilities are except in 2 cases spot on. The sluggers need to have strafe all the time and the thumper needs to have the same effect on all bass sizes.

As a reader one might wonder whether or not I intend to continue to have several factions. I was faction monogamous never even looking at the stray mercenary since Prime. I think I like it here able to fool around with whatever faction I like. In fact I have my eye on a little number with thick armor and there's one I have a little electricity with...


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  1. I fell to a similar separation. My departure had me roam into the arms of Everblight though. Sometimes I sit up late at night wondering what my Trolls are up too and if they would take me back.


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