Friday, August 9, 2013

What do you bring to the table?

The literal answer is as important as the concepts.
Its poor sportsmanship to blame your tools - the dice and (yes,even unpainted) models don't count. Tape measures, templates, terrain...all tools. The tools, like the rules, are incidental.

You did bring your experience. All your senses and all the things that make up your day. Hungry cold warm tired excited Angry sad lazy And Your entire work day. Your commute the time it took to get to game The internal pressure to paint And all your troubles at home. That 2 months losing streak. Dice hate you. All of this is what you bring to the table.

The part that sucks most is These things tend To stick to us like fresh gum on hot side walks.
No matter how bad your rolling has been you are not due for a hot streak. That's just not how the math works. Go wash your hands and consider buying casino dice. Yes casino dice are expensive. They're also machined rather than injection-molded dipped in paint and thrown in a polishing tumbler. Its just how they are made. Painted models don't care about playing better...its just making it harder to be that guy when everything's painted Something about similar units having a visual distinctiveness.  30 bane thralls are easy to mix up when they're just assembled.

Winning dramatically more than you lose Is more likely the function of The caliber of your opponents rather than the measure of your skill. Equally important Is that if your opponents are not getting better You're not contributing to their learning.  Good job! You just wasted two peoples time to feed your ego. Over a game.

I'm not going to lie about Winning feeling damn good. I think. I'm starting not to remember what it's like. That doesn't necessarily mean I'm not good at the game in fact it may mean nothing at all beyond I've been playing at my skill level. the only way to find out is to continue to push.

Your game philosophy also comes with you buried in how you play.
I'd love to distill it into competitive/casual were it so simple. On the surface this is a zero sum game: one win, one loss. I wonder if it has to be - sure we meet victory conditions, but the event itself doesn't need to be unpleasant.  This is a game after all.

What should you take away from this?
Every game should be taken on its own. That previous game is gone.  The next game isn't here yet.
If all you bring is your army and your battle plan its harder to sabotage yourself.



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