Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ep 15: Dot Dot Dot I Don't Think I Like Richmond

And we invaded Richmond ... and Richmond attacked back with beer and crappy hotels. I think we lost this fight and retreated back to NOVA. Oh God! An hour and 30 minutes...

01:14 Recording from Strangeways!
02:00 What are we drinking?
04:39 Cheers!
06:36 The Invasion recap
17:10 First beer down
35:36 Second beer down
37:48 Steamroller down at Dragon's Den
38:04 Colin tries to transition and I steal it!
38:10 How to chose tournament lists
47:07 A wild person appears and starts talking to us....
47:38 and Colin brings us back to the topic at hand
57:28 How does the list choosing work in a Steamroller
1:14:14 Suggestions for people coming back into the game
1:28:38 Minute Rant: Nathan rants about terrain
1:30:25 Power is about to die so we end



  1. Tactical tip: If a Cryx player destroys any of Jacob's models, they don't generate a soul token.

  2. Cryx Players never generate soul tokens...


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