Monday, September 9, 2013

Episode 14 - Wallystomped?

We are back at the Alamo to record another episode of the bestest Warmachine Hordes podcast that there is!
Well it was going to be but then Topic Boy got sick and we decided to record in a copper kettle so...
We were stuck in the back room which had horrible reverb
00:35 What are we drinking
02:00 Substitute Topic Boy!
02:28 Cheers
02:46 High Command review
04:00 We are ordering but the tape was still rolling
04:21 Back from ordering
11:00 Speaking of Tournaments - Stop having fun! Dave Sirlin's opinions
18:28 Plug for Cripple System
22:08 The Rule of Cool... well we tried
23:24 The BeerThralls Invasion of Richmond itinerary
25:18 Back to the Rule of Cool (Hold my Beer and watch this fun!)
39:07 This is hard. I'm lazy.
40:26 The great scattering
41:22 Back to topic
53:20 Two members of the BeerThralls have never seen 5th Element. Get em!
55:40 Victor Wins
56:40 James' Minute Rant: The NOVA Open painting competition
57:40 Painting in competitions and tournaments
1:02:55 The ending



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