Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Episode 16: Potatoes in the oven

The protagonists all randomly walk into a dark pub called the Glass Half Full. Once there, a mysterious stranger of varying dubiousness approaches offering a job. A job... to make a podcast and not kill each other...

They failed!

01:56 What are we drinking?
03:46 Cheers!
04:00 Topic Boy is putting potatoes in the oven
04:25 Whoring out! Richmond Breweries!
06:20 How are the shirts coming along?
09:25 We are an idiots... Oct 26th is the 50 pt Steamroller at Huzzah Hobbies, 35 pt Steamroller at Dragon's Den in Richmond Sept 28
10:10 Still no Warmachine talk....
11:00 Holy God! We are now getting to topics
11:35 BeerThralls Order of Activation
11:55 First Turn Advantage
20:40 A small interruption talking about Equilibrium scenarios
22:05 Guest arrives!
22:20 Back on topic
27:53 Segue into The Art of Deployment
33:47 Small interruption to talk about the No Quarter Brisbane list and Silverline Storm Guard/upgrade units
33:55 Back to Art of Deployment and a little about first turn
52:10 One Minute Rant: Victor rants about painting
55:42 Last Beer Down


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