Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pro scrub and anti scrub

We talk a whole lot about competition. About challenges and about what's going on with our local gaming scene... even though 200 miles seems to be what we qualify as local.   Sometimes we forget that some players play simply for the love of the game. 

One of the things we talk about is to play what you want to play and not to let other people dictate how and when you play.  I probably should expand that into playing painted vs unpainted.

I'm guilty of being a hobbyist. I want my boy Barbies to be visually appealing.  And boy am i guilty of expecting other people to want the same thing. The fact of the matter is people would play just as well with tokens as with toy soldiers.  When I saw a player effectively rolling parts into a ball with glue, placing it on a base, and essentially calling it done the other day I couldn't contain myself.

With as much as these game pieces cost and the time we invest in these games I imagine people would want to spend time making their toys look good. I am of course wrong.

Its not that I actually see the pieces as deserving some special attention so much as a reflection of self respect. I suppose it's similar to how some athletes find people who don't conform to their body type repulsive. They see it as self respect too.

So if you see me don't be afraid remind me that my painting looks like finger painting by the color blind epileptics under the strobe lights at a rave.

I most assuredly need to be taken down a notch... and if you play better than I do its just apropos! Just go out and do your best and the rest will fall into place.



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