Monday, September 9, 2013

Tell me about the meta of your home shop Usul ...

Despite my irrational love for Frank Herbert It becomes a valid question.

" Tell me about your local meta." Will get you respect and camaraderie in a single breath. Everybody loves to talk about themselves and they love people who seem interested in them.
We could discuss the ulterior motives of asking questions like this but I'd rather just dismiss them as the parallels to that first date. Also it makes them more likely to forgive you when critical devastation throws a warjack onto their caster...

Ask a person about the local meta and you can expect about 15 minutes talking about their local gaming.  Yes it's reconnaissance but it gives you something in common and open them to ask you the same question.
I can't write this as a dating guide for Fremen... but I can give you pointers on how to get a better sportsmanship score.

" That was great how you..." < Insert there most frustrating or bizarre move here> " Where were you going with it?"    Because now that you're interested it's safer for them to explain their technique. That probably will give you better insight into other players of that faction.

" I really messed up at... what would you have done in my place?" If they balk follow up with " seriously. Almost anything would help. I make this mistake a lot."
Now its back to them to teach you. You've given their ego a Scooby Snack so they'll probably offer something.
Thank them and shake their hand.   You'd be amazed how simple handshake and a thank you will get a person to remember you. If they remember you were polite or they taught you something they are more likely to think positively of you.

     You'll notice everything so far has been essentially asking someone to give you something. Advice, compliments, insight.  This is to take advantage of cognitive dissonance -  people like to have reasons for what they do. Helping a stranger and giving them advice should have some sort of reason. The brain will make up a reason - usually something to the effect of "I just like that person". 

Take a moment. Learn from someone else. Grow the community. (And maybe a leg up on sportsmanship.)


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