Monday, September 2, 2013

Terrain Rage Pt II - Electric Boogaloo

So, I read all sorts of blogs (And, if you're listening to the internets about my habit for DragonCon themed ero fanfic,  Haters gonna...I digress.)  and I don't stick to just one genre of minis gaming because I could use to learn from anyone.

Thanks Felix for the photos.
Take a look at this wide open field. Two hills, an obelisk, a cookie, and some objectives. Love you dearly Fritz, but WHAT. THE. FUCK?

For the love of gamers everywhere, stop.  Use more terrain.This is pathetic. Easy to produce for a tourney. Still crap.

The good news is that the guys at Feast of Blades also give you crap. Sorta. It works for 40k. Mostly.
Adepticon? You guys can do better.Yes, dozens of tables...but that swamp...why did it even hit the table? There's no use for it.
And the guys at the Warstore are awfully sparse too.

(  Felix is gonna get mad at me for eating up his flickr bandwidth  )  THIS is the table people want to fight on.  Yes, there are two HUGE terrain pieces, but small changes to this and everyone's going to ooh and aah over it.

There are no 48" guns in Warmachine; 23 is as good as it gets. There's no reason not to have much more terrain.

Look at play on thisthisthis thisor this!



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