Monday, September 16, 2013

The Strangeways and means committee

A great big thanks to Strangeways Brewery for letting us record Podcast 15 In the heart of their Brewing Laboratory!

This weekend we sat around to discuss List building and theory  crafting... and of course go way way off topic. We didn't touch on theory  crafting enough.

Putting together a list it seems to work well on paper (duck taco) just isn't enough. Like science it requires peer review from neutral third parties.  Specifically people waiting outside your meta. Reviewing a list in a group of the same bias simply does no good.

What are the things that makes our team so much less dysfunctional ( beer!) is that we disagree so much! Shane for example plays Cygnar In a manner that many forums would say is wrong. It's hard to argue results. Neither of our Cryx players can agree - They even play the same caster differently.

To really test theory we have to go to someone else's lab. We know how each other play.  We can anticipate each other from experience thus the need for a third party.

Forums are excellent for Basic theory crafting. Sharing ideas general principles is very effective in treating people and for shaking the worst kinks out of a list. But a single forum is likely to congeal into a single meta.  At some point it is very likely for that forum to lock step and limit outside thought.  Not because of malice but because of inertia.

So go meet new people. Go play in their laboratory. Learn from another part of the community.



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