Monday, September 2, 2013

Why I want to play hardcore

This one's going to be a bit more stream of consciousness and the rest:
Hardcore is, to me, is the target to play at for most Systems anyway. Play your absolute best. Paint your own stuff to the best of your ability. Face new people, and come back next year hungry to win.
And is most certainly not about:
200 kilo man children with hygiene  problems trying to find their  place in a fairly segmented social group.
Internet fame. Seriously who cares? This blog tends to be full of a degree of fan abuse for a reason : no matter how awesome we are at a single game if we don't carry that bit of our drive to achieve to other parts of our lives all the shiny coins and trophies mean nothing! .
Respect? HAHAHAAHAHAHHAAHA! For playing with dollies?  The reason we don't make fun of the women who fly 3000 miles to play with Polly Pocket is that those ladies are crazy. They're likely to cut you. My crazy requires I pretend to have achieved something - and doesn't mind being rewarded with shiny dollies and beer!
I'm still not convinced list building is anywhere near as nuanced as the internet swears it is.  And I know I'm going on this particular rent before.  Pick a caster add a colossal crowbar in infantry of your choice. Rinse. Repeat.  That's 18 or 19 points in one spot - two warjacks. I'll bet five points to disable it every time. One big lump of wasted points.

I just want the challenge - I want to go get busted up by new and interesting people.


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