Thursday, October 24, 2013


This is probably where I break out get another soap box.

Ours is a fairly expensive hobby. Let's face it we've got just a little bit extra. If you're like me much of it is around your middle! We can afford to miss a meal or two.

We love to go on at length about what is fair and not fair. About what is balance and what is broken And what really needs to be fixed. And the general consensus is that our favorite faction could really use this other thing.

As much as it pains me to admit it I like people. Not individually But the idea and the things that people have achieved: The Egyptian pyramids, Stone Buddha That last centuries, The Great Wall of China. So I'm really confused when people go hungry. We certainly can produce food. We can ship it all around the world. Keep it fresh with refrigeration and modified Atmosphere Or super pasteurization.  Somehow people that can create such amazing things can't figure out how to make sure nobody goes hungry for very long.

I admit I'm is bad as the next guy when it comes to seeking out ways to make the world better. It just seems to me this one is a no brainer.

While we've been blogging about tournaments in playing games we've only talked about our favorite charity a couple of times on the podcast. So if you're tired of hearing it you probably want to move on to the next post.

Foodmachine: Desperately serious. Hilariously funny.
I can go on and on about how your local food bank needs help. How people somehow end up going hungry and we can help.
Save the money you spend going out to dinner, Or from bringing your lunch to work and/or school for a couple of weeks.
Put another $10 aside to try to win the raffle for project Orange Crush.

Then go to a foodmachine tournament.
That's what I'm doing this weekend instead of taking the gold steamroller coin at my FLGS.
Everybody runs foodmachine Just a little bit differently So you have to watch closely For the venue rules.
Some food banks prefer to collect cash.. This is good simply because we already carry around a lot of heavy toy soldiers!

Its a charity tournament. You're not going to play your absolutely hardest. You're going to go to play silly and fun. You're going because it's a tiny effort that makes a huge impact on the people it helps.

And I hope you have such a good time you tell all the folks you know and game with.
Then you host your own.
I want the chance to do more travel!


Monday, October 21, 2013


Welcome back to the normal crew at the Alamo on Sunday minus Topic boy... Eternal Guest is feeling ill.

04:55 Topic... Cat herder?
05:20 Prepping for the Steamroller: Dealing with Timed Turns instead of Death Clocks
23:35 Purification: How do you deal with it?
30:30 Minute Rant: Caleb goes off about Purification
49:25 How to break yourself in a rut with your faction
1:04:00 Randomness... we just tal. You can end it here... seriously.... rambling


Statistics - AKA Social Engineering* ...with numbers.

* some of us call it just plain lying.

Statistics are good to get a general feel for things - but the big lesson from statistics is in gathering your data. If you believe in numbers our friends at endgamegameing (dot) net are here to help.
Until you scroll on down to the stats for Khador and Doomreavers where numbers get wonky.  Technically this means that more than one unit was used per player.  Good Golly they must be awesome!!

Or, just maybe, some folks skewed the numbers. Maybe a eButcher list... So what we really want to do is look at how the numbers were collected.  Strangely this does reinforce the argument that casters with certain tools were skewed towards...well, listen to the podcast. You'll get it. These are the most straightforward casters. Their behaviors are very consistent and are fairly homogenous. 

We talked at length about how to make 50 points an army work - and here it is:
(in case you forgot)
Play Your Army
Play to Kill the Caster
Play the Mission

Play the Opponent's Army

Cut and dried.

So: What do these statistics say to me?
I can plan to see the netlisters bring these and try to cram them down my throat.
These are the lists to practice against to be aware of their play.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Episode 18: Dirty Tips and Tricks 3

Three of us sit around my table and drink... well cause we can. The small group talks out the dirty tips and tricks we do with our armies. If you missed Dirty Tips and Tricks 2: Cryx, don't worry.... you will see it soon... bwahahahaha

03:28 Topic Boy gets channeled
03:30 Convergence of Cyriss dirty tricks
07:45 Dragging your own models
09:45 Back to the CoC Corollary
12:15 Cygnar
13:20 Menoth
13:39 Khador Pony Vlad
15:00 Legion of Everblight
17:00 Shooting yourself in the back
18:50 Chain weapons
20:00 Shield Wall triangles
24:13 You don't get paid to come home with models
26:15 Incorporeal models blocking charge lanes
27:00 Pardon the interruption...
28:45 Overtime?
29:17 Incorporeal models again
29:50 Trollbloods
31:00 Foodmachine fun
34:45 Bring every model in your list
36:15 Special attacks on Colossals and Gargantuans
38:45 FoodMachine!
51:45 Tournies
59:30 Huzzah Hobbies' Winter Wonderland
1:01:30 Last beer down


Sunday, October 6, 2013

Episode 17: The late-cast

Sorry... We have been very lazy/busy and didn't have much time to edit. Here it is though!

00:40 I want a milkshake!
01:39 What are we drinking
04:26 Topic Boy! Topics!
04:46 Warmachine or Hordes - Which is better?
27:28 Segue to Apology Models
33:35 A Kilted Nathan appears
42:47 Events and Nathan meets a listener!
57:00 Minute Rant: Jake
59:03 Nathan finish your beer... and die trying
59:54 Last Beer Down

Download the Maxwell Finn Appreciation Society Theme Music! (right click and save)

Friday, October 4, 2013

A break in the storm

I want to thank all our listeners and readers.
You all have been very patient this past week while some of the thralls are trying to get their stuff together thanks to this government shutdown. 
The practical effect of this is That last week's podcast has been delayed And will probably be edited at the same time as this week.

We are so glad we don't have paid advertisements!

So just as a reminder Check our facebook page For some of the good news that came about this week And some tournament Information"


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