Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Episode 18: Dirty Tips and Tricks 3

Three of us sit around my table and drink... well cause we can. The small group talks out the dirty tips and tricks we do with our armies. If you missed Dirty Tips and Tricks 2: Cryx, don't worry.... you will see it soon... bwahahahaha

03:28 Topic Boy gets channeled
03:30 Convergence of Cyriss dirty tricks
07:45 Dragging your own models
09:45 Back to the CoC Corollary
12:15 Cygnar
13:20 Menoth
13:39 Khador Pony Vlad
15:00 Legion of Everblight
17:00 Shooting yourself in the back
18:50 Chain weapons
20:00 Shield Wall triangles
24:13 You don't get paid to come home with models
26:15 Incorporeal models blocking charge lanes
27:00 Pardon the interruption...
28:45 Overtime?
29:17 Incorporeal models again
29:50 Trollbloods
31:00 Foodmachine fun
34:45 Bring every model in your list
36:15 Special attacks on Colossals and Gargantuans
38:45 FoodMachine!
51:45 Tournies
59:30 Huzzah Hobbies' Winter Wonderland
1:01:30 Last beer down



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