Thursday, October 24, 2013


This is probably where I break out get another soap box.

Ours is a fairly expensive hobby. Let's face it we've got just a little bit extra. If you're like me much of it is around your middle! We can afford to miss a meal or two.

We love to go on at length about what is fair and not fair. About what is balance and what is broken And what really needs to be fixed. And the general consensus is that our favorite faction could really use this other thing.

As much as it pains me to admit it I like people. Not individually But the idea and the things that people have achieved: The Egyptian pyramids, Stone Buddha That last centuries, The Great Wall of China. So I'm really confused when people go hungry. We certainly can produce food. We can ship it all around the world. Keep it fresh with refrigeration and modified Atmosphere Or super pasteurization.  Somehow people that can create such amazing things can't figure out how to make sure nobody goes hungry for very long.

I admit I'm is bad as the next guy when it comes to seeking out ways to make the world better. It just seems to me this one is a no brainer.

While we've been blogging about tournaments in playing games we've only talked about our favorite charity a couple of times on the podcast. So if you're tired of hearing it you probably want to move on to the next post.

Foodmachine: Desperately serious. Hilariously funny.
I can go on and on about how your local food bank needs help. How people somehow end up going hungry and we can help.
Save the money you spend going out to dinner, Or from bringing your lunch to work and/or school for a couple of weeks.
Put another $10 aside to try to win the raffle for project Orange Crush.

Then go to a foodmachine tournament.
That's what I'm doing this weekend instead of taking the gold steamroller coin at my FLGS.
Everybody runs foodmachine Just a little bit differently So you have to watch closely For the venue rules.
Some food banks prefer to collect cash.. This is good simply because we already carry around a lot of heavy toy soldiers!

Its a charity tournament. You're not going to play your absolutely hardest. You're going to go to play silly and fun. You're going because it's a tiny effort that makes a huge impact on the people it helps.

And I hope you have such a good time you tell all the folks you know and game with.
Then you host your own.
I want the chance to do more travel!



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