Monday, October 21, 2013

Statistics - AKA Social Engineering* ...with numbers.

* some of us call it just plain lying.

Statistics are good to get a general feel for things - but the big lesson from statistics is in gathering your data. If you believe in numbers our friends at endgamegameing (dot) net are here to help.
Until you scroll on down to the stats for Khador and Doomreavers where numbers get wonky.  Technically this means that more than one unit was used per player.  Good Golly they must be awesome!!

Or, just maybe, some folks skewed the numbers. Maybe a eButcher list... So what we really want to do is look at how the numbers were collected.  Strangely this does reinforce the argument that casters with certain tools were skewed towards...well, listen to the podcast. You'll get it. These are the most straightforward casters. Their behaviors are very consistent and are fairly homogenous. 

We talked at length about how to make 50 points an army work - and here it is:
(in case you forgot)
Play Your Army
Play to Kill the Caster
Play the Mission

Play the Opponent's Army

Cut and dried.

So: What do these statistics say to me?
I can plan to see the netlisters bring these and try to cram them down my throat.
These are the lists to practice against to be aware of their play.


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