Monday, November 25, 2013

Episode 23: Abort Abort!

We are recording at the Alamo again and man are our... arms.... tired.... Wow... there is not enough beer for this... Suffer, mortals! For you chose to listen to this... at WORK!

01:38 What are we drinking?
05:23 Cheers
05:40 Colin calls a coin check
09:00 Rules that we always screw up
34:01 Break for Beer Talk
34:38 And back
42:02 Son of a... FINE we will talk about your damn cav! and Warmachine Weekend

OH MY GOD!.... they are still talking about Bane Cav....

1:05:03 Even the mic hated the bane cav conversation and more stuff from Warmachine Weekend
1:11:45 Closings
1:13:00 FoodMachine cause we forgot

Here is the list they need:
1. Stuffing
2. Boxed potatoes
3. Canned Vegetables
4. Gravy
5. Cranberry sauce
6. Grocery Store Gift Cards

Wish List
1. Cereal
2. 100% Juice
3. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
4. Canned Meats (tuna or chicken)
5. Mac and Cheese
6. Chef Boyardee Products
7. Hearty Soups

1:16:59 It is official. We will be at Adepticon podcasting!

Odd the player isn't working. Here is another link.

Listen to this episode

Formalizing your coin check

So the topic of coin check is still something rather esoteric.  Apparently not only does every unit have their own rules for their coin check, the addenda for these rules can get lengthy.

This means we clearly need to publish our Mark II rules:

1: A coin check is Initiated by:
Slapping the coin down on the table, Or rapping the coin 5 times against an empty pint glass and showing the coin to the table. Everyone at the table drinking is obliged to participate. People who have sat out the previous round of drinks and guests of people at the table are not obliged to participate.

A coin check can also be initiated by dropping the coin. This makes the challenge valid to anyone within earshot.

2. Participants are allowed to take one step and reach one arm without tools or assistance to recover their coin. Wheelchair-bound participants are allowed to clear the table and make one full rotation of their wheels in lieu of a step.

3. coins are ranked as follows:
Any military challenge coin at or above battalion level
Steam roller / Painting
Any other challenge coin
Faction medallion

Coins are valued in order of rank 1 through 3. Thus a rank 1 Steamroller coin is outranked by a rank 3 Hardcore coin. All faction coins and medallions are to be treated as equal value within their categories.

4. The time limit for procuring and Displaying a coin is 30 seconds.

5. Once the coins have been displayed the person displaying the highest ranking coin is rewarded by not paying for this drink. The initiator of the coin check is responsible for the winner's drink should they lose.

6. A drink is defined as single standard container and customary portion of the sort of drink being ordered.
A bartenders discretion is always the overriding factor to whether or not a coin check can be completed.
Disputing the bartenders unrestricted veto power is strictly prohibited. Should the bartender not directly to intervene the wait staff at the establishment are empowered as bartender by proxy.
A two-thirds majority of the table may also negate a coin check.

7. Coin checks may be initiated in the following circumstances :
During the Beerthralls podcast
Any table or bar where three or more beerthralls are drinking.
At any away tournament beerthralls are participating in if they are drinking after.
Tea with Nathan's mom. (Caveat Emptor)

8: Misrepresenting the rules of a coin check for personal gain is subject to a twofold penalty:
Paying for the winner of the check's drink.
Drinking the wronged party's choice for their next round.  Bar bet drinks are strictly prohibited.


Monday, November 18, 2013

Episode 22: Randomly randomizing randomization

It was a long weekend... a tourney, work, and lots of traveling. We wake up the more alcohol we get.

01:07 What are we drinking?
02:05 Cheers
03:20 Topic Boy's replacement speaks up... we really need topic boy back...
05:11 The End Games tournament
15:43 Nathan is eating the mic and STILL is silent!
16:33 And back to the tournament
30:47 Break for beautiful women
31:30 Back
36:40 FoodMachine! (shhh... Meg Maples is doing Axis not Syntherion)
40:58 Social Conventions in tournaments
58:51 Minute Rant: Colin
1:00:19 Strength of Schedule (aka WTF?!)
1:08:15 Random stuff
1:19:50 Closing


Achievement Unlocked

One more tournament over. Everyone involved had a blast.
And now for the After Action report:

The results of the tournament will be on this week's podcast... Which is in for editing! 

The results of war machine weekend will definitely be discussed next week.

I, for one, welcome my new victory point overlords. Having seen the trouble and beauty of overwhelming odds on victory points I'm change my mind on assassinations vs victory points. They are now equal in my eyes. 


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Episode 21: LEGAL!

Sitting at the house because we had a small group and some of us are sick. We field a listener question and poke the anger bear!
02:30 Cheers!
02:45 Topic Boy substitute
03:55 Game plans before you come to the table
05:33 Back on topic
20:07 Noob arrives!
20:44 The Shaft of segue cops
24:19 ish... What happens when a plan goes wrong
34:27 Minute Rant: James
37:21 Some mini talk and flashing
40:22 Dipping
53:00 ish Hobbyist vs Gamer
1:04:00 Beers Down



We all have little rituals preparing for competition.  Special underwear,  insomnia (which made "Rocking Joe" W.  the undisputed butcher of Beltsville) a particular meal the night get the picture.

The Beerthrall Academics are pouring over statistics and rules to assemble numerically superior works of algebraic precision.  The gatormen are learning where all the belt factories are and how to avoid them. Maxwell Finn (so dreamy!) is conditioning hair.

My ritual is slightly more simple:
-practice your list.
-have your tokens counters and tape measures set aside the night before
- go over the scenario once or twice for good measure.
- get a good night's sleep
- throw out every one of these ideas in panic the morning of!

New casters. New army. Not a lick of playtest. Tired. Peckish.

And the question is why?
This is the way I will be playing at convention.
Much as I want to think I will be responsible or that I will be sensible about competition at a larger event the chances of that are fairly slim.  We go to larger events to meet new people and to play games with people we've never met. To go and see new places; if we're lucky we catch up with friends from other events and far away.

So what is my real ritual?

Wake up within an hour of your normal time - you won't be too far off your daily schedule.

Exercise. Yep, I said it. It gets the blood pumping and the body prepared to operate at higher output. Nothing over the top mind you: some situps a few pushups and run 3 flights of stairs.

Get breakfast within 1 hour of getting out of bed.
This is the one that seems the most crazy. Especially for those who think that two hours to wake up is normal.  Worse yet can't be that self indulgent pancake breakfast! That country omelette with extra mushrooms with a side of toast has the mix of protein and carbs to fuel you to the next lunch break. I mix a cup of coffee into a protein shake and munch a croissant. And take your vitamins!

Get a bottle of water. Drink it throughout your game. Go to the WC between games.  You'd be surprised the impact on your morale.

Meeting the Pope for a job interview level. Again with the morale; And it's just nice to make a good impression on people. You're going to be in a space with a lot of people. For a long time. Best to help minimize the funk.

Dress comfortably.
This means well fitting clothes not barefoot and sweatpants. And spring for some Dr Scholls - you'd be amazed how much your feet contribute to your mood.

So my ritual is much less sacrificing a chicken to my baseball bat and much more being realistic about my event.

And I'm serious about the chicken thing. The dice just don't care.


Monday, November 11, 2013

Dia de Los Muertos

I love the Day of the Dead - this is what pushing through the witching hour was for!
Respect and rememberance of the loved ones we've lost and a memento mori to keep us aware of what we have.

On this most auspicious of days we talk about dead things coming back.

Mostly because its sincerely one of the more annoying mechanics in the game.

Bringing models back into play can be a bear to overcome.  Cryx and its dual necrosurgeon can make a wall of Mechanithralls an intimidating prospect - bringing up to six back every round. Blackbane's Raiders, Captain Rengrave, and Tartarus...or Goreshade the Cursed's Elite cadre wear thin on a player's morale.  The Harbinger of Menoth and her penchant for keeping those pesky solos nearby and all too irritatingly alive.  Rask, and Morvannna.  Would you Please leave that stuff over with the rest of the dead models!

If we walk through every step of killing off a model




Removed From Table
Removed From Play

the critical steps are fairly self evident. 

What makes these particular mechanics more frustrating than oh so many others is that countering this sort of thing is extremely challenging.   I consider this possibly the most insidious issue to overcome in the game.  Boxing models is simple - yet reacting to sudden reinforcements turns strategy to tactical response.  Goreshade the Bastard's feat is underrated for this very reason where 3Morvanna and other casters that can bring models back are obviously powerful.

From a points perspective bringing models into play is extremely efficient.  Given two Necrosurgeons (4 points) can bring back 6 models each they've returned twice their cost to play…and presented these threats in a position that their points value is deceptive.  What value a friendly model kept in play an extra two turns? What value redirecting the opponent's target priority to an inexpensive support unit? The Withershadow Combine's habit of taking points away from the opponent and adding them to your own with Dark Industries...the list goes on.

While the solution to these issues seems fairly straightforward: Kill the Batman we're still left with compensating with that opponent.  I'm still turning this thought experiment over some - I'll try to get back to you all with my solutions soon.


Episode 21 is done recorded!

Just wanted to tell everyone that Episode 21 is done recorded and should be released Tuesday.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Episode 20: We're not drunks. We're professionals!

EPISODE 20! At the house, drinking, and talking Warmachine!

02:15 What are we drinking?
03:22 Cheers!
06:33 TOPIC BOY!
07:06 Recap of the Huzzah Hobbies 50 pt Steamroller Tournament
16:19 We should do Hardcore!
20:49 Some games of the tournament
42:45 Dealing with your TO
48:00 The Minute Rant: Nathan! (with Bonus rant!
51:29 FoodMachine fun
52:53 Transition to dealing with Tough Casters
1:07:20 Wrap up


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