Monday, November 11, 2013

Dia de Los Muertos

I love the Day of the Dead - this is what pushing through the witching hour was for!
Respect and rememberance of the loved ones we've lost and a memento mori to keep us aware of what we have.

On this most auspicious of days we talk about dead things coming back.

Mostly because its sincerely one of the more annoying mechanics in the game.

Bringing models back into play can be a bear to overcome.  Cryx and its dual necrosurgeon can make a wall of Mechanithralls an intimidating prospect - bringing up to six back every round. Blackbane's Raiders, Captain Rengrave, and Tartarus...or Goreshade the Cursed's Elite cadre wear thin on a player's morale.  The Harbinger of Menoth and her penchant for keeping those pesky solos nearby and all too irritatingly alive.  Rask, and Morvannna.  Would you Please leave that stuff over with the rest of the dead models!

If we walk through every step of killing off a model




Removed From Table
Removed From Play

the critical steps are fairly self evident. 

What makes these particular mechanics more frustrating than oh so many others is that countering this sort of thing is extremely challenging.   I consider this possibly the most insidious issue to overcome in the game.  Boxing models is simple - yet reacting to sudden reinforcements turns strategy to tactical response.  Goreshade the Bastard's feat is underrated for this very reason where 3Morvanna and other casters that can bring models back are obviously powerful.

From a points perspective bringing models into play is extremely efficient.  Given two Necrosurgeons (4 points) can bring back 6 models each they've returned twice their cost to play…and presented these threats in a position that their points value is deceptive.  What value a friendly model kept in play an extra two turns? What value redirecting the opponent's target priority to an inexpensive support unit? The Withershadow Combine's habit of taking points away from the opponent and adding them to your own with Dark Industries...the list goes on.

While the solution to these issues seems fairly straightforward: Kill the Batman we're still left with compensating with that opponent.  I'm still turning this thought experiment over some - I'll try to get back to you all with my solutions soon.



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