Monday, November 18, 2013

Episode 22: Randomly randomizing randomization

It was a long weekend... a tourney, work, and lots of traveling. We wake up the more alcohol we get.

01:07 What are we drinking?
02:05 Cheers
03:20 Topic Boy's replacement speaks up... we really need topic boy back...
05:11 The End Games tournament
15:43 Nathan is eating the mic and STILL is silent!
16:33 And back to the tournament
30:47 Break for beautiful women
31:30 Back
36:40 FoodMachine! (shhh... Meg Maples is doing Axis not Syntherion)
40:58 Social Conventions in tournaments
58:51 Minute Rant: Colin
1:00:19 Strength of Schedule (aka WTF?!)
1:08:15 Random stuff
1:19:50 Closing



  1. Not Valander: Macallan

  2. Strength of Schedule prevents point whoreing.

  3. yeah also you are super wrong on chargeing through incorporeal .


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