Monday, November 25, 2013

Formalizing your coin check

So the topic of coin check is still something rather esoteric.  Apparently not only does every unit have their own rules for their coin check, the addenda for these rules can get lengthy.

This means we clearly need to publish our Mark II rules:

1: A coin check is Initiated by:
Slapping the coin down on the table, Or rapping the coin 5 times against an empty pint glass and showing the coin to the table. Everyone at the table drinking is obliged to participate. People who have sat out the previous round of drinks and guests of people at the table are not obliged to participate.

A coin check can also be initiated by dropping the coin. This makes the challenge valid to anyone within earshot.

2. Participants are allowed to take one step and reach one arm without tools or assistance to recover their coin. Wheelchair-bound participants are allowed to clear the table and make one full rotation of their wheels in lieu of a step.

3. coins are ranked as follows:
Any military challenge coin at or above battalion level
Steam roller / Painting
Any other challenge coin
Faction medallion

Coins are valued in order of rank 1 through 3. Thus a rank 1 Steamroller coin is outranked by a rank 3 Hardcore coin. All faction coins and medallions are to be treated as equal value within their categories.

4. The time limit for procuring and Displaying a coin is 30 seconds.

5. Once the coins have been displayed the person displaying the highest ranking coin is rewarded by not paying for this drink. The initiator of the coin check is responsible for the winner's drink should they lose.

6. A drink is defined as single standard container and customary portion of the sort of drink being ordered.
A bartenders discretion is always the overriding factor to whether or not a coin check can be completed.
Disputing the bartenders unrestricted veto power is strictly prohibited. Should the bartender not directly to intervene the wait staff at the establishment are empowered as bartender by proxy.
A two-thirds majority of the table may also negate a coin check.

7. Coin checks may be initiated in the following circumstances :
During the Beerthralls podcast
Any table or bar where three or more beerthralls are drinking.
At any away tournament beerthralls are participating in if they are drinking after.
Tea with Nathan's mom. (Caveat Emptor)

8: Misrepresenting the rules of a coin check for personal gain is subject to a twofold penalty:
Paying for the winner of the check's drink.
Drinking the wronged party's choice for their next round.  Bar bet drinks are strictly prohibited.



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