Wednesday, November 13, 2013


We all have little rituals preparing for competition.  Special underwear,  insomnia (which made "Rocking Joe" W.  the undisputed butcher of Beltsville) a particular meal the night get the picture.

The Beerthrall Academics are pouring over statistics and rules to assemble numerically superior works of algebraic precision.  The gatormen are learning where all the belt factories are and how to avoid them. Maxwell Finn (so dreamy!) is conditioning hair.

My ritual is slightly more simple:
-practice your list.
-have your tokens counters and tape measures set aside the night before
- go over the scenario once or twice for good measure.
- get a good night's sleep
- throw out every one of these ideas in panic the morning of!

New casters. New army. Not a lick of playtest. Tired. Peckish.

And the question is why?
This is the way I will be playing at convention.
Much as I want to think I will be responsible or that I will be sensible about competition at a larger event the chances of that are fairly slim.  We go to larger events to meet new people and to play games with people we've never met. To go and see new places; if we're lucky we catch up with friends from other events and far away.

So what is my real ritual?

Wake up within an hour of your normal time - you won't be too far off your daily schedule.

Exercise. Yep, I said it. It gets the blood pumping and the body prepared to operate at higher output. Nothing over the top mind you: some situps a few pushups and run 3 flights of stairs.

Get breakfast within 1 hour of getting out of bed.
This is the one that seems the most crazy. Especially for those who think that two hours to wake up is normal.  Worse yet can't be that self indulgent pancake breakfast! That country omelette with extra mushrooms with a side of toast has the mix of protein and carbs to fuel you to the next lunch break. I mix a cup of coffee into a protein shake and munch a croissant. And take your vitamins!

Get a bottle of water. Drink it throughout your game. Go to the WC between games.  You'd be surprised the impact on your morale.

Meeting the Pope for a job interview level. Again with the morale; And it's just nice to make a good impression on people. You're going to be in a space with a lot of people. For a long time. Best to help minimize the funk.

Dress comfortably.
This means well fitting clothes not barefoot and sweatpants. And spring for some Dr Scholls - you'd be amazed how much your feet contribute to your mood.

So my ritual is much less sacrificing a chicken to my baseball bat and much more being realistic about my event.

And I'm serious about the chicken thing. The dice just don't care.



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