Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Episode 24: Snowpocolypse episode

Because of the DC snow we are recording late. The ice prevented most from showing up, but that won't stop us!
02:05 The beer of the night!
03:23 No Topic boy!
03:51 FoodMachine at Huzzah Hobbies!
09:24 The churches of the game
27:08 Setting up for the minute rant
28:10 Minute Rant: Nathan
30:04 Nathan defends Cryx Overseers - 1st sign of the Apocalypse
31:12 Attrition
50:40 Babbling and Pixar Cygnar
53:50 Listeners! Post pics of your armies!


1:01:48 Adepticon!
1:06:55 Closing out


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