Monday, December 16, 2013

Episode 25: Beers of Faith

We are sitting at the house. It is cold out... really cold. But we have beer! Lots.... and lots.... of beer. We break the rules. We keep talking and grab more beer. There is a bonus round and and a second bonus round. Beware.

02:20 Cheers!
02:45 Topic Boy!
05:13 Christmas this week! Models out Dec 18
10:05 Some things we forgot about FoodMachine
12:35 Wargamer Girl's Kickstater objectives came in
15:10 Small discussion on 3rd party stuff
23:41 Force multipliers
41:57 Target Priority and how to make your targets accessible
58:44 The IBU scale and dead cats on frictionless planes
1:01:30 Beers of Faith
1:17:37 The longest closing ever



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