Monday, December 16, 2013

Getting into higher math

What we're talking about of course is (are?) force multipliers.

So the concept of a force multiplier is very simple.  Where individual Troopers and other assets are in addition to other units a force multiplier allows other units to operate disproportionately better in conjunction.

This disproportionate return is of course subjective and highly dependent on the force you put together. While we continue to suggest a more balanced list construction there continue to be does units that just work better together. The right tool for the right job.

Real world example start with rifles and move through personnel carriers all the way to the aircraft.  On the table we typically call that synergy. For these examples we will be looking at solos and unit attachments.

Gorman de Wulf is a prime example: His abilities change the complexion of a battlefield. 
Rhupert Carvolo might keep making units tough but he does have other abilities to go sadly underused. Gorman Does not have that problem.

Eiryss has seen more action than [ Horrifically inappropriate Comparison]. For good reason: She makes other models much more effective and changes your opponent's target priority.

Why we don't see more Taryn I don't understand. With the prevalence of colossals One would think that being able to ignore a colossal for line of sight would be priceless.

Every faction has them. Best of all they aren't Always obvious choices.  Valachev and Boomhowler are, but there are others that defy sanity until they hit the table.

Using "solo" as shorthand for a force multiplier is misleading. Kell Blaloch has a radically different application from a widowmaker marksman...something I had to look at the cards repeatedly to figure.  Hell: even the iron lich overseer has a place.

Yes ,the Iron Lich Overseer. Quite possibly the worst 3 point solo available - in a fied with a lot of good choices. The only time this guy becomes viable he is a significant force multiplier. ( Machine Minds. NQ45)  they can't all be vassal mechaniks but when a force multiplier signs they truly shine.



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