Friday, December 27, 2013

I love it when a plan falls apart!

I'm supposed to say something snarky here about getting posts up weekly to the blog. Things happen. Plans go awry.
By Thamar's bountiful bodice* we will overcome!
I suppose that's really what this particular rant is all about: making the best of a bad situation.
Sometimes you just can't pull a win out of nowhere. That's the way it goes. You can force a tie.
"A TIE!?!" You say, black hate growing in your heart.  Yes a tie.
While forcing a drumming sound vindictive it speaks to your commitment to your game. It's very easy to simply surrender once victory is beyond your grasp. And I take issue with that simply because we can control our loss.
In Scenario play we know our victory conditions from the outset. we know exactly what we have to do to win and can plan accordingly.  Part of what we do is attempt to make the other person not win. This is expected performance. Its compensated for in Scenario play by having several tie breakers.
There is a stigma towards playing for a tie however. Some sort of assumption that this is bad play or sour grapes. I don't understand that idea. Some of my competitive background punished playing to draw by weighing  a concise victory or loss against the draw.  I understand this convenience for an organizer - figuring out ties and tie breakers and calculating how one could game the system by playing to draw- I just like to see strategic decisions rewarded.

I wonder what the rest of you think - should a Draw be rewarded rather than punished in tournament play?

* scholars argue this is factually inaccurate. We could not find clergy who would comment either way.


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