Saturday, December 28, 2013

You are your own advocate.

We have a number of Podcast that have pushed about competitive play. We've been both right and wrong to varying degrees about game. You've read pages and pages of our opinions on almost everything but hobby... you know: that questionably fun painting thing.

Several of us actually do paint. I know I am from time to time tapped  to do some work for one company ... and I think they do it out of pity. I've seen the finished product and I'm simply dumbfounded at their output.

One of them told me the other day: " You have to be your own client."
I was reading Meg Maples ( Sorry about the mispronunciation. Your Kung Fu is simply a mystery to me.)

The other day and it suddenly all clicks:

I created an overwhelming work load for myself. Then I created the illusion of an even greater workload by keeping everything visible on my desk. The precise opposite of inspiration.
So this morning I started stripping down my workspace to the bare necessities (Baloo and Mowgli would be proud.). I had not realize how much I had accumulated:

(and yes, the other side is just as full!)

20 cavalry.
100 infantry.
4 medium based solos
2 large based solos
2 objective markers
4 wreck markers
4 warcasters
14 warjacks

And this is all before taking into account that I still have two additional armies planned for this upcoming year (at 50 points each), participation in this year's Orange Crush, and Paint it Pink (which is undersupported, but not forgotten!)

And competition pieces for Crystal Brush.

If you take a step back and look at all that I must hate myself.
The first step to all of it is clearing the desk and treating myself as if I were a client. Something I suggest you do as well. Break out a stopwatch and paint one model to the level you want the entire unit.
  I work in a very technical profession. If I paid myself the same rate the company billed me... I'd best sneeze Golden Demon.  So, in order to be reasonable  (Meg to the rescue! ) I'm paying myself minimum wage.  I based this decision on an old economics professor's suggestion : treat your spare time as what its worth to someone else.

Today I start fresh timing a model to completion.
Let's see what I'm worth.


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