Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Season 2 Episode 43: The podcast sensation

Sorry the cast is late. It has been a long week of Hobbit and Christmas shopping. But better late then next year!

10:40 Topics! because we forgot to cheers. Don't worry. It will come.
11:01 Ginger Bitch is nice to the group and Super Hero discussions
17:28 New Releases and a hobby throwdown
23:59 Cheers... because we were in an illegal game state
31:10 New Leagues coming up in Huzzah Hobbies and the new guys
45:51 Steamroller and the rambling begins
1:01:56 Closeout


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Season 2 Episode 42: It was a beautiful Khadorian summer

The guys at 30mm Podcast came down from Jersey for FoodMachine and stuck around to podcast with us on Sunday. After a long weekend of charity, drinking, Warmachine, and board games, we stumbled into the Alamo to bring to you, our faithful listeners, the end of the weekend report.

Oh... happy birthday Josh and Rebecca!

12:25 Cheers!
14:19 James checks his wallet and it turns into a coin check
16:55 Topic Boy tries...
17:18 Foodmachine close out
- Talked about Rock/Paper/Scissors warmachine
- Nathan becomes someone's arms
- Other games
- Chicken Vienna sausage cause fear checks
- Cans of beans are pillars
- A shredder almost kills a shredder
- 5 cans turns Topic Boy into Cat Herder
38:30 Nathan meets his match. George is the new Enabler
40:45 Back to Foodmachine
50:12 Topic 2: Khadorian summer festival
59:00 Close out
1:01:00 Praise the Cheez-It


Saturday, December 6, 2014

Stop mocking us. We were busy!

This year's foodmachine is cruising along swimmingly.  We swear we're gonna post more, but, just in case, check us out on Facebook.


Monday, December 1, 2014

Season 2 Episode 41: Plug in the Mic, Idiot

It isn't my fault... actually it is. I forgot to plug in the mic for the intro so we had to do it again. It was some funny stuff too.
But, once we fixed out idiocy, we got good audio at the Alamo Tap House. Now with more Cat Herder and Topic Boy
06:34 Topic Boy tell us what we learn today
07:15 Clink!
09:50 Foodmachine fun is coming
34:20 Can 30mm Podcast drink with us? Lets find out!
35:33 Question: Why take infantry?
45:23 Answer to the 30 mm drinking question
48:55 Back to the conversation
49:45 Faction break down for infantry
1:11:17 Closeout


Monday, November 24, 2014

Season 2 Episode 40: Gingerbread stout makes Beerthralls happy

Heaven. That is what we are calling the Alamo now. They have Hardywood's Gingerbread stout available. We couldn't resist.

03:42 Cheers!
05:00 Beer talk
06:12 and now we babble for an hour... suffer!


Monday, November 10, 2014

Season 2 Episode 39: The Tourney Report

We just finished the Huzzah Hobbies 35 Point tournament run by James (Aka Gator Tears). We recap the fun that was had.

05:00 Cheers
06:00 The Basics of the tourney
08:32 Vic's report
42:15 The Foodmachine super happy friendly awesome bestest best person to play against
44:10 Scott's report
1:03:00 James' report
1:08:30 Stuff coming out because... blabbling. and closeout.

Oh! The mini Destroyer WILL be a separate piece. Bit order away.


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Season 2 Episode 38: We have a hat and pieces of paper

At the Alamo, James isn't there so... forgive us =)

We are trying something now; Topic Card Roulette! We chose a card and start speaking on the topic. This is Nathan's idea. Blame him if it fails.

04:41 The "Perfect Pint"

10:58 Lucky Streaks
15:03 We drift into gimmick lists
22:37 Drift into Assassination Runs
25:28 Guess the beer!
30:06 Godzilla rampaged through my sock drawer
42:30 Beer and Back Again
54:56 Readers Choice: Help! I'm trapped in a medium based solo fortune cookie factory!
1:08:48 Challenges
1:13:00 Closeout


Saturday, November 1, 2014

A fancy local, or just a Denizen?

We had the opportunity to take a quick break and try Denizens Brewing Company. 

A funky little place nestled in a corner of Silver Spring MD that is more than a little challenging to get to. That said they incorporated their own little BBQ truck business that has a nice spark.

One of the more interesting things about denizens was that the beer choices were very much on the pale side of brews.  For being November 1st we would have expected to see more browns reds and porters.  There were exactly 2.     An interesting strategic decision that works well with their particular groove.

As much as this is a tiny getaway and not quite the easiest to get to or to park at we are always advocates of a clever brewer.  If you have the chance and especially if you don't like dark beers stop by for a pint of the "fear of the dark" beer.  The only part you will regret is that you can't take all of the beer home.


Monday, October 27, 2014

Season 2 Episode 37: Actuarial Tables for the win!

Here we sit at the table in the Glass Half Full getting older by the second. I can feel the grey hairs growing. But, we have beer and Warmachine so it can't be that bad.

06:05 Cheers
06:25 Gator Tears plays Topic Boy for the evening
09:57 Beer meta shift and beer talk
18:20 Units and the spells that affect them
26:21 Models out of formation
36:50 When is Warmachine/Hordes going to "jump the shark"
44:00ish We babble but don't worry... we go back
55:25 OrangeCrush and FoodMachine
1:00:00 Close out.


Saturday, October 25, 2014

Season 2 Episode 36: As the weather gets cold people come inside

Sorry for the late posting. Life has been a little hectic here. Better late than never. Its Octoberfest at the Alamo. We have some seriously great beers in front of us. Let us talk about Warmachine!
06:19 Beer Talk
08:19 Cheers
09:38 Gator Tears plays Topic Boy
11:44 Meta shift away from Infantrymachine
34:30 Solo armies
43ish - RULE: Incorporeal models can not be harmed by non-magical weapons even if the the card says they take 1 point of damage. So, the Sacral Vault will not damage an incorporeal model.
52:11 FINAL TOPIC FINAL TOPIC! 35 or 50 points as prep for tournament play
1:00:00 Let the babbling begin and Foodmachine
1:15:11 Closeout


Thursday, October 23, 2014

PP hates melee infantry

Over the course of the last six books (Wrath, Colossals, Vengeance, Domination, Gargantuans, and Exigence) PP has demonstrated a desire to move away from melee infantry.  Medium based multi-wound infantry is popular...but without this shift against small based models the preference still leans away from them.

The changes to anti-infantry start with the shift against infantry swarms by enhancing warbeasts and warjacks (warnouns). Infantry swarms are more cost efficient and deliver their force over a larger area than a warnoun.  Infantry does not depend on a caster's fury/focus. Infantry's special abilities are always available.

The first development to rein in the infantry swarm was in moving from MKI to MKII and the introduction of trample.  An excellent start and an awesome new manner to rein in infantry swarms.
This expanded into more guns and spells with AOE, Strafe, Combined Range Attack, and ROF of 2+.  Regrettably this also included an arms race of higher POW which began to spell the end.  We have to remember that POW12 , while weak against warnouns , threatens casters and is almost universally deadly to small based infantry.  The heaviest armored infantry can reach 20 ARM - approximately 41% likely to survive a POW 12 gun.  The scarcity of ARM 20 infantry is something well appreciated outside feat turns and stacked buffs.

In Wrath the Battle Engines were introduced.  The game demonstrated the reason Jacks were popular - Batle Engines were large, had their own tactical limitations, and tactically easier to adapt to.  Cygnar brought a good POW, Range (as they are wont to do), and a sound ROF that proved capable of removing 2d3+2 infantry (averaging 5) reliably.  Khador brought range, large AOE, and board control.  The Protectorate got range, their ever-present fire, and a push ability.  The Retribution has a good rate of fire and relative resistance to infantry. Cryx, the infantry heavy faction, got a model with good board control that proved counterbalanced by its size and the number of infantry on the field.  Warjacks brought Thresher, AOE, and Spray templates to bear while infantry introduced Assault and Acrobatic.  Domination brought more beasts with anti infantry abilities in sprays, Electro Leap, and anti-magic abilities...the Skorne got Skornergy (I prefer Skonenfreunde to describe the gameplay dissonance but it never stuck.)  More AOE, trample, Electro Leap, continuous Corrosion AOE, and the Animantrax...Apparently PP doesn't like Skorne.

Colossals and Gargantuans took a risk in the huge based models that would become centerpieces of armies...or could. That's more a rant for the hobby side.  Casters got further enhancements to their ability to get out of swarms of infantry with things like Warpath, Flashing Blade, and Carnage.  The Colossals/Gargantuans came into play - with a super-thresher of Sweep (Which the Kraken won with 4" reach), Covering Fire, AOE, Creeping Barrage, Rapid Fire, and more Sprays these titans presented a new and interesting turn against infantry.  More multi wound infantry came into play and caster feats got a new lease on life.  As the saying goes "Those that have, get."

Vengeance and Exigence...well, Damn.  The new Minion battle engines are designed to remove swathes of infantry.  The new casters all reinforce the weaknesses of small based infantry. PP did the one thing they promised - release more awesome models.

The issue at hand is this also obliviates the function of small based melee infantry.  I specify this because there are several strong small based ranged units with the ability to stay relevant.  Small based melee infantry like the Manhunter, Kyazy, Knights Exemplar or Errant, and Sam MacHorne's Devil Dogs are on the decline.

Where does this go from here? One faction lives and dies on its melee infantry while others are bolstered by it.  With the increase in anti-infantry there is less need to field infantry to counter infantry.  Infantry is harder on game balance, but what to do with the infantry-centric factions?
One postulation is that a complete rebalance is in order - modify stats slightly and start anew.  I don't like that position. I'd love to see things turned on their ear.  The infantry swarm armies get solos to bring new traits to units - UA to create immunity to certain effects at a premium.

Then again I would like to see less of the same Haley/Asphyxious/Severious/Butcher/Makeda/Vayl/Kruger hit the table.


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Two for one pint

Ok, two years, and a one year anniversary :
Happy one year to Forge Brew Works!


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Season 2 Episode 35: New books equal babbling

Hello one and all! Exigence is out and we have beer. Know what that means? Babbling!

05:24 Cheers!
05:47 Topics
06:42 Australia, what the hell?
07:37 New friendly local game store in Norfolk: Atlantis Games and Comics (
11:15 Barrel aging beer
20:13 Horrible transition to how you know what you like
25:30 Exigence
1:03:56 Minute Rant: James on the Minions Battle Engines
1:11:06 Exigence moves to anti-infantry
1:13:45 Close out


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Season 2 Episode 34: Battery powered Circle toys

The Wurm has a don't ask; don't tell policy.

We are at the Alamo drinking and going over stupid things as we wait for Exigence to come out.

06:35 Cheers!
07:00 Banished Topic Boy is banished. Long live Topic Boy
12:15 Statistically Unlucky - Tournament Report
21:00 Scooping for your friends?
42:35 Oktoberfest!!!
1:02:30 Closeout


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Season 2 Episode 33: Our beer costs are the GDP of some 3rd world nations

Here we sit in James' house drinking some awesome craft beer. Only 10 more(ish) episodes left this season...

02:15 30MM talk
04:04 Silent Partner likes a beer!!!!
04:42 BeerThralls Beer and introductions
17:48 Topics
19:00 Business cards and T-Shirts
23:30 Posting the podcast on YouTube
26:50 Tournament table etiquette
50:05 Breathilizer fun
56:00 Clap if you lovvvvvvvve DYNAMO!
1:07:15 Close out


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Season 2 Episode 32: Conversations at the city gates

Here we are "dicking off" at the Alamo, recording.

02:45 In Soviet Russia, PBR... still isn't drank
03:30 Gator's suck...
06:40 Josh gets 3rd
10:18 Topic Boy!
12:37 Picking a third caster
33:34 1 Minute Rant: Scott!
35:07 Watchmachine etiquette
49:27 Dirty Tricks neXt
1:05:00 Close out

Dec 6 Foodmachine with 30mm podcast!


Saturday, September 20, 2014


Yes, because you only get it once a year.

I should only hope my wedding and anniversary will be celebrated centuries after my death!!
So a couple of the thralls ducked into Tavern64 in Reston, VA.

The nice folks at Port City Brewing shared their Oktoberfest,  and our enabler is getting the Veruca Salt treatment with wurst and pretzels while two of the thralls practice for a steamroller tomorrow.

If you get a chance stop on by either Tavern 64, or Port City. Both are worth the trip!


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Season 2 Episode 31: Special Brew with Gamers Lounge

Good day ladies and gents, We have a special episode this week.

The BeerThralls and the Gamers Lounge grab our beers and have a (semi) serious conversation about the portrayal of women in tabletop gaming.

Game on!


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Season 2 Episode 30: Stop fondling my mic!

Nathan is loud! We are at the Alamo recording. My main computer is not acting well.

That means no time stamps...

6:30 Cheers

Topics:How to taste beer; Merc and Minions lists (Mercins)


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Season 2 Episode 29: This podcast hits like a fully focused Butcher3

Back to your regularly scheduled podcast. If you haven't heard, 30mm Podcast is back! Go check them out at

Here we sit at the Alamo after a few long days. Some of our guys are at the NOVA Open playing so not everyone is here. NATHAN stop hitting the table!

06:43 30 second rant/30 second praise: Cephalyx
08:45 Topics
10:10 Intervention for Nathan
11:17 Stop dicking around
25:15 The NOVA Open
38:45 Charities
47:30 The Beerthralls pecking order and Frozen Khador
57:15 Close Out


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Season 2 Episode 28: Dot Dot Dot I still don't think I like Richmond

Sorry for the delay... It was a rough couple of weeks there. During the weekend, James had to leave for a family emergency that continued right up to his wedding. Then the honeymoon. So... No editing until now!
Breweries we went to:
- Strangeways
- Hardywood Brewery
- Isley Brewing Company
- Ardent Craft Ales

04:00 Topic Boy gets bumped
04:55 Topic Boy gets back to it
07:00 Where are we and Those Freakin Weirdos
08:57 If Warmachine/Hordes had an animated movie, who would be the voices?
20:13 The serious topic: What is the best competitive point level?
37:53 Close out


Monday, August 4, 2014

Season 2 Episode 27: I am Groot?

We all saw Guardians of the Galaxy and it reflects it. Our Patron Saint has gifted us and we have indulged. We sit in the Alamo drinking and trying to talk over the people waiting for Guardians of the Galaxy to start. Here is the result.

08:10 It is so crowded here today
08:40 Cheers
12:15 Lesser Warlocks and Lesser Warcasters
32:15 The old GW color Charland Granite recreated
33:40 Small based infantry
38:45 OMG! An Owen appears!
39:55 Nathan is furious! 60 second rant! and into GW Galaxy Puppies
45:25 Fixed sized infantry vrs variable sized infantry
55:35 Last beer down
56:13 ... I am still not sure I like Richmond
58:35 Close out and Dutch shows up


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Season 2 Episode 26: Sqweek!

So... tired.... Vic and I (James) just finished a very long game of Warmachine instead of editing...

But! I soldier on. We are at the Alamo! Drinking! Podcasting! and eating yummy fries!

04:10 Beer Discussion
10:30 Australian listener
15:50 Game Bandwidth
42:15 High Command
50:55 Theorizing
59:20 Closeout

Download this episode (right click and save)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Season 2 Episode 25: Everything has tits on it!

We are at the house and the mic works again! James records before telling everyone...

01:31 Welcome to episode 25
01:47 Relic Knights and Kingdom of Death
04:44 Who are you and what are you drinking
10:00 Pins and Jerseys
11:30 Kickstarters and Tactics
13:00 1 minute rant: Nathan goes off on Tactics
33:42 Fuzzy warjacks
38:23 Terrain pretty
41:43 Nathan is old and asks disturbing questions about Cortex
46:13 Vic tries Reznik
50:55 We are all over the place and kinda back to Kickstarters
1:02:00 Those Freakin Weirdos
1:04:46 The Bay of Space Marines
1:07:00 Back to other kickstarters
1:14:00 Closing out


Monday, July 14, 2014

Season 2 Episode 24: Also known as why is the mic being a pain

Wow... what a day. It has been a long week and it ends with Germany, the whole country, celebrating our podcast. That's only what I can assume with all those people outside cheering at us.
No timestamps


Monday, July 7, 2014

Season 2 Episode 23: Now with less booms

The Fourth of July has come and gone and most of the Thralls are limping their way back home from beaches and other locals. Nathan, James, and Rebecca though have made it into the Alamo with a gift from the Silent Partner =)
01:19 Cheers-ish
05:40 August 8th - dot dot dot I am still not sure I like Richmond
14:38 We finally get to topics
15:38 What is a Randall and what is a beer engine?
28:03 Freestrikes: When and when not
50:21 Orange Crush: Finding Nemo
55:00 Close out


Monday, June 30, 2014


Per Maudlin:

This ruling replaces all previous ones:
1/ If a model is advancing through a different model and loses the ability to do so while the bases are overlapping, it moves to the last legal position and resumes movement if possible. The same is true if it is moving through terrain and loses the ability to do so.
2/ If a model is involuntarily moving through a different model, and loses the ability to do so while the bases are overlapping, it stops moving and you apply the rule of least disturbance.
This deals with all questions regarding Spirit Chaser, Treewalker, free strikes from Incorporeal models, et al.

Holy crap.

I imagine Nathan's going to go back to using three machine wraith...oh, wait...

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Practice makes perfect - pt 2

There is comfort in familiarity.
The ability to anticipate and rely on consistent behavior.  It breeds complacency and creates inertia.

I'm going to beat up on a couple of factions over the course of however many of these I need to go on with.
This is part 2 of picking apart the current Cryx Meta.

A lot of our units don't get use and it seems to stem from what I considered two primary issues:
A lack of understanding and a lack of willingness to lose models. None of our units actually suck but many of them compete with each other for the same purpose.

For the longest time it has been all about a few select units. Certain very basic units became anomalous on the tournament scene because they were not as effective as one or two very specific units.  The argument being these were objectively superior due to their multi role application. 

I have a problem with this because the use of these particular units takes away one of our greatest strengths : mobility.  Our faction is on average 20% faster.  The forces that give us the most trouble are the ones that are the most mobile.  Even the ones that can constrain our mobility have trouble keeping up with us.

So where am I going with this? We hate theorymachine delving into statistics and turning into perfect world scenarios as we try to defend our arguments : The game itself is so rarely perfect.

New powers and abilities are in relation to what gets the most play.  Goreshade 3, and the skarlock commander were released in an attempt to shift the meta away from the bane intensive play we see at far too many tournaments. ( Full disclosure: I do indeed play a 24 bane pGoreshade list.)

When we look at our most unpleasant matchups we have them look at how things develop because of how we play. 


Monday, June 23, 2014

Season 2 Episode 22: The Full Metal Episode

Correctmo says we are at episode 22... from the Alamo... after a crushing American tie in the World Cup. Sorry for the shitty audio. Our mic was acting up.

01:35 Coin check!
03:00 We challenge the US soccer team to a Warmachine game
07:00 Cheers
10:13 New toys
32:30 Orange Crush
44:00 The Journeyman
56:00 Close out


Thursday, June 19, 2014

Like a slap fight between crippled Titans

Tuesday's game night was an example of how Warmachine can be a game of extremes.

35 points is not huge. Its ideally quick and brutal - streamlined for mayhem. The Professor and a man rapidly earning a nickname burned through two 35 point games in the time it took for me to have one. 

Trollbloods vs Circle, despite circle movement tricks, is not necessarily a fast game. Tough and portable walls can make a mess of the best laid plans.  Combined with this they can have ridiculous armor and contributes to the perception of armor skew.  They sped through Kruger and Cromac.

I faced down pStryker with the Coven. As much as I try I'm not mastering the Coven. If it wasn't for my using the terrain to my advantage I would have lost on turn three.  My machine wraith had been neutered either by being thrown a juicy target or by keeping their targets out of reach.  Jack marshalled chargers are simply too tempting not to take - gun mages or no.    In all my opponent did a spectacular job compensating for an opponent he had never really faced and was very unfamiliar with.  When he gets a little more comfortable with that list I suspect he will be a holy terror with what is considered a mid grade Cygnar caster.

We also learned that the scenarios for this half of the summer event are fairly exciting.  Not precisely balanced but exciting nonetheless! 

A fairly standard Magehunter Strikeforce did its level best to remind father Lucant that the convergence is still on their hit list.  Apparently the angriest of elves had a hard time figuring out what to hit on the warjacks allowing the art deco to overcome their iPod design styles. 


Monday, June 16, 2014

And they say community was cancelled ...

For the next week or so its probably going to be all World Cup and Warmachine.  This is of course funnier because at least one of us can only pick the losing bracket.

It's also the official start of summer. Herds of school buses are no longer making their way through our wonderful traffic.  This means more kids at your local gaming shop.  I'm lucky enough to know a couple of decent kids  ( ironically the voice to text refused to accept I said decent and kid in the same sentence) so handling the over eager little terrors is just slightly easier for me.  So I figured a couple of reminders on how to keep those precious snowflakes in line would be a useful thing.  This way wrangling the cantankerous neckbeards gets the lion's share of your RDA of petulance.

1) summer league and summer league 2: electric Boogaloo.

After a point we all get acclimated to spending 8 hours in a prison with someone droning at us while we wish we were elsewhere.  The opportunity to play a lot is quite seductive.   Cut the points per game in half for every game before 4:30 p.m.  In the second league play a completely different format.   

2) service guarantees citizenship.

It's inevitable that terrain gets worn.  You have a resource that responds to even a small amount of bribery.  If it works for white washing fences it can work to help the shop.
     Not that hard to prefab a few cheap buildings or walls.  They're always in demand and always seem short supply.  Insulation foam and hot wire cutters probably merit a permission slip but free kids working on time consuming maintenance is not to be ignored.
"It helps us keep tables free...." 

3. Runners

"Take a break. Head over to the Wawa and get me a.."
This is a full 15 minutes or more of respite.  Tips are of course simply good form.

4. Prep for the next event.

Kids are full of ideas :
How would you... 
Which would be awesome?
Which is more fair?

When they're participating the younger players get to demonstrate their enthusiasm and help build the community. The more established players get to mentor!
Win-win for community building.


Monday, June 9, 2014

Season 2 Episode 21: Nathan drinks a Who

At the Alamo, after a real rough weekend, drinking and podcasting. More of the former than the later.
02:50 Cheers!
04:19 How to stop a warlock from transferring
08:50 L&L
16:51 Double Colossal and Gargantuan
18:21 Dutch sees a girl
31:39 Feat of Service
47:40 Last beer down


...and we're all out of bubblegum

If you don't have a time machine you'll have to wait for the next incoherent podcast to hear about our recent charity escapades.

Through the magic of the Internet however we can tell you a little bit about them ahead of time. 

Feat of Service collected over $4000 this weeken,d for the Wounded Warrior Project.  Quite  good for a first time event!   By way of comparison project Orange Crush Tends to draw in about 50% more.
In short: very well done gentlemen!

I'm very proud to know the details And the people who were so generous in helping Contribute to such a good cause. 

What you won't get to hear is The amount of work that went on in the background to organize this.  Getting the price support, The venue prepared, the donations, And staffing at an event At least as complex as most tournaments Is no small effort.  These gentlemen  do deserve a round of applause.

Having set the bar so wonderfully high I look forward to project Orange Crush and how well that is going to do this year.  I hope to see people donate as generously and participate as much in Foodmachine this year!

Please take a moment to go check out Feat of Service, and the Wounded Warrior Project. Just because this event is over doesn't mean the Wounded Warrior Project doesn't need your help.


Monday, June 2, 2014

Season 2 Episode 20: I dub thee the Patron Saint of Alcoholism

We are early at the Alamo today because we just finished the Huzzah Hobbies swap meet. It is a little odd seeing the sun out while Podcasting.
01:18 Cheers
02:55 Role Call
07:50 TOPIC... ummm... Cat herder! Topic us!
08:17 Mechanics in factions
17:00 Tourney report
32:30 Barrier to Entry
50:24 Skill levels
1:10:00 Close out


Friday, May 30, 2014

Coming out of my corner swinging

Three lists.
Two unconventional lists and one noncompetitive caster.
Lets look at them, shall we?

Who is your warcaster and what does (s)he do?
[That's rough on the throat...damn...]

35points [ Goreshade the Bastard ] WC:1 WJ:4 U:4 S:4
Goreshade the Bastard(*6points)
* Stalker(4points)
* Stalker(4points)
* Stalker(4points)
* Stalker(0points)
Cylena Raefyll & Nyss Hunters(7points)(6models)
Bane Thralls(5points)(6models)
Bane Thralls(5points)(6models)
Bane Thralls(5points)(6models)
Bane Lord Tartarus(4points)
Machine Wraith(1points)
Machine Wraith(1points)
Machine Wraith(1points)

     This is the generic take all comers list.  With +1 to the starting roll, Advance Move for the Banes, and Advance Deployment for the Stalkers this is much faster than it appears.  Its stealth heavy, responds to enemy deployment, and basically starts 15 inches into the field.
     There's a lot of discussion on whether or not to go first or second.  This one likes to go second to take advantage of that extra 3 inches and be at the halfway point on the board in turn 2.
There are a few lists that skew heavily against it - Gatormen Shamen and Alexia come to mind.

35points [ Scaverous ] WC:1 WJ:2 U:3 S:8
* Nightwretch(4points)
* Nightwretch(4points)
Blackbane's Ghost Raiders(6points)(6models)
Bile Thralls(5points)(6models)
Skarlock Thrall(2points)
Pistol Wraith(3points)
Pistol Wraith(3points)
Machine Wraith(1points)
Machine Wraith(1points)
Madelyn Corbeau, Ordic Courtesan(2points)
The Withershadow Combine(5points)(3models)
Warwitch Siren(2points)

     Warjacks and assassination vectors abound.  The math says this can pop a caster on turn 1 just outside their deployment zone.  My biggest concerns with this list are Colossals and character jacks.

35points [ Witch Coven ] WC:1 WJ:6 U:1 S:6
Witch Coven(*5points)
* Nightwretch(4points)
* Nightwretch(4points)
Iron Lich Overseer(3points)
* Slayer(4points)
* Slayer(4points)
Iron Lich Overseer(3points)
* Slayer(4points)
* Slayer(4points)
Bile Thralls(5points)(6models)
Machine Wraith(1points)
Machine Wraith(1points)
Machine Wraith(1points)
Warwitch Siren(2points)

I still haven't figured out this list.  Medium advance with an interesting beatstick, but I Must play midfield support of I lose the coven.
I lose the coven a lot.

Good luck to everyone!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Season 2 Episode 19: The Memorial Day cookout

Grab a beer, a hamburger, and relax to the soothing sounds of the Beerthralls' cookout!
03:12 Talk about V
04:46 The habits of Memorial Day and the Wounded Warriors' Project

Wounded Warrior project link:

20:30 Dear God, Nathan! More terrain talk?
33:40 Nathan, show us on the doll where the mean elephant touched you.
40:00 Your faction's Facebook page
46:26 Skin Games came one day early and other Nerdery
53:35 Our Breweries
59.32 We try to get back on topic
1:00:00 Once again turn your tables 90 degrees
1:08:00 Close out


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Zomg! Teh lazies!

So you probably noticed that we've stopped posting for almost a month now. We've been lazy.
We make a podcast once a week but we don't hand out homework at the end of the damn thing. We should be fixing that shortly.
Our cat herder ( Because cat boy sounds somewhere between juvenile baseball And super hero anime furry) can attest :Keeping us on topic is difficult enough!
We are however aware of the things we're behind on:
"Painting Nemo"  - A project Orange Crush themed army.
Our table - interestingly there was a Kickstarter that blew the wind out of our sails on this.  We should talk soon about coming back around to this.
Then there's a video we shot.. Topic Boy apparently wanted to avoid this so hard he got engaged.  We haven't forgotten.
This year's genuine project Orange Crush...Legion of Orangeblight?
Warmachine Weekend
NoVa Open
Damn we got some stuff going on!
And in the next few days we have
Of course there's Memorial Day weekend
And a tournament at The End Games on the 31st where we get to watch our enabler lose time and again while we point and laugh!
More stuff coming this year!
Grab a scorecard and make your bets as to what gets done!

Who is your Enabler, and what does he do?

I stole the Enabler's phone to make this post!

So, not only is it Memorial Day weekend so you need to help donate to the Wounded Warrior Project

Raise a pint to our soldiers that gave their all to protect what we have while you barbequeue this weekend.


Monday, May 19, 2014

Season 2 Episode 18: This is where NCIS hides the bodies

No seriously... we are at the Forge Brew Works in Lorton, VA. You know. Where NCIS always finds a body.

01:25 Godzilla
03:08 Forge Brew Works
06:57 Cheers
09:07 Anne has rejected another beer
10:20 Deep water and amphibious models
21:20 Conversion rules
35:05 We are huge in Japan
55:00 Upcoming ideas

Wounded Warrior Project raffle!

Select Huzzah Hobbies!

1:01:29 Close out


Practice makes perfect. Pt. 1

As a player of possibly the least conventional faction lists I am a proponent of trying new things. Things outside the norm, and well outside what most would call a comfort zone.

I wanted to talk a little about practicing what I preach. Lucky you.

This had originally started out as a screed against those cookie cutter so called "top tier" casters and lists. I came to the realization that I sincerely don't care. I will never be able to convince my fellow Cryx Players that the "moar banez" doctrine is stupid.  There's another cliche for each of the  factions.

Having read the forums about Warmachine for 8 years now I think I've seen every round of adoration for every model.   It bores me to tears.

Don't get me wrong I'm all for going with what works. Unlike in Street Fighter you can't just spam the A button.  There's a way around everything.  There is no perfect synergy.

"But what about supermegaheroguy? He's the best in the world!" Do. Not. Care. If we spend our time learning how to beat SMHG we're not spending that time leading to play better. In fact we're learning to play worse - If SMHG Flips the script and plays to beat his own hard counters... oh wait we've already seen that.

I get stuck on this topic a lot: More banes is not necessarily more good.  Apparently some players are insane and insist that this is the only way to go.   The "More Banes" yheory simply doesn't fly anymore. The reason I'm so about describing Cryx in particular Is that I am so very familiar with it.

Blah blah blah Top Tier caster blah blah.  You simply don't understand your casters. You don't get your whole  toolbox and your opponents know it.

I'd love to say the any one unit is empirically better than any other. For every argument I could make  there are at least two counter arguments against.  My personal favorite is "bane x". Most argumentation is done in a vacuum. Perfect strategic position, and perfect timing are the crux of any of these arguments.

Every unit has a purpose. Sometimes the applications are niche like the boarding party, or broad like banes.  The trick is to not judge in a void but to look at best /worst cases.  Sometimes a single bile thrall is worth more than 18 bane thralls and vice versa. More educated game theory and more mature reasoning would tell me a unit's value is all about the exchange we can make it create. 

People who do the same safe thing over and over only teach how to counter that tactic.


Monday, May 12, 2014

Season 2 Episode 17: Just a small fix

Happy Nathan's Mom day! We are at the house with a small group because... well... we had beer and everything was packet. We talk about the new errata, Gatormen, and stuff.

We babble. No timestamps =)


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Season 2 Episode 16: There's a pig we have to kick

Welcome! That's right. We start with Bacon Beer and end with more babbling!
04:51 We have seen the first people ejected from the Alamo
11:12 Beer Talk: What is a flight of beers?
12:12 Owen informs us of something important
16:24 Minute Rant: Nathan
18:25 Minute Rant: Nyan Cat
22:08 How to set up your War 
29:55 Dominar Rasheth goes epic 
32:42 And back 
37:38 Sidetrack to Incorporeal 
40:47 local and national Meta 
1:00:11 FoodMachine 2014
1:04:01 Closing and Nathan's story


Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Season 2 Episode 15: You spoiled my spoilers!

We are at the Alamo and are bad podcasters. We have no topic boy and no cat wrangler... enjoy
04:45 We describe the beer/cider mix from heaven
07:05 Limited release beer and Rebecca knows more about beer than us
10:58 Fern Gully and old people
13:00 Where is the Jewish state in Immorean?
15:20 Journeyman!
15:38 We forgot Cheers...
34:08 Hold my beer and watch this
42:02 Dude Bro
42:24 The three stages of Goreshade
46:58 Convergence Corollary
49:55 Undead soul tokens
56:46 Closeout


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Caspian Holidays

So, slinking around Caspia I ended up in Sul (Alexandria .... yeah, I'm taking geographic liberty.)
At the Mad Fox.

Thirteen different brews give them a strong standing in a brew for every taste. Also,  their brews are most definitely tuned for every taste - nothing particularly experimental...
The food is excellent but braver than the brews. Definitely worth besieging those crazy menites for the experience.


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

His petard is structurally sound.

So the  journeyman league at Huzzah Hobbies (see also: warmachine@huzzahhobbies) started week 0 ( of 6)  last night.
The Enabler, thinking he was clever, suggested "hardcore journeyman " in the podcast in case you weren't listening.

Well, he got his.  The pressganger dutifully oversaw several players random factions but none were so anticipated as the Enabler ... who for Gatormen.

His theme idea "Super Sentai Kaiju Reptiles " Was immediately shut down after a particularly crazed look crossed his face. It seemed a safe idea to stop him when he started humming the Power Rangers theme music.
Mortal Kombat was also vetoed as a precaution.  The echo of " Gator Kombat: FIGHT " was just too much. 

He finally settled on the following teaser pics ... but we're not sure where his dementia is going...


Monday, April 14, 2014

Season 2 Episode 14: Kickstart me some journeymen

James just got the Kickstarter box in with all those pretty pretty models. What can you do? Oh, I know! Sit in a bar, drink beer, and discuss!

05:37 Cheers
06:50 Journeyman warcasters and minor warlocks
32:55 Wyatt Earp and Mark Twain walks by
45:00 One Minute Rant: Vic
47:15 Journeyman league
54:25 Awesomeness sidebar
1:02:35 Closing out


Sunday, April 13, 2014

On the road to Llael

So I was lost hiding from the Northern Crusade when my Alcohol Sense (TM - screw you spider guy!) kicked in and drew me to Adroit Theory. 
Purcellville VA is home to quite possibly the most heavy metal brewery I've seen.  Masterfully executed advertisement and strong use of social media are being put to steong use by brewers who sincerely love their craft. 

Big flavor ... no, bigger....BIGGER... flavor and huge specific gravity are the heart and soul of this brewery to the point of no small shame about a 7%abv oatmeal stout that stands up to breweries with ten times the capacity.  These gents make some no excuses brews that rock out with punk rock spirit and Swedish black metal riffs.

There is a membership club that makes my mouth water: 6 session beers that will not be available to the public. As the ENABLER I still had issue justifying this in year 1 of a brewery. Maybe year 3...but check out for the Black Heart Society!


Friday, April 11, 2014

Season 2 Episode 13 Part 3: Last and final

Ok last one... I swear. The beer was running out.
00:35 Iron Box Games and Secret Weapon

yeah... I give up... Just listen

17:00 For Vic "This is the prettiest beer pored in a plastic cup"
45:20 Bill Anderson of the Gamers Lounge
50:55 3 Growlers and a grunt down
1:19:00 Question for Question

Psst we are drunk

And then we get serious. This conversation will be posted on Gamers Lounge and as a limited brew here later


Season 2 Episode 13 Part 2: More Adepticon!

Wow... that is a lot of talking. Of course we did have a LOT of beer

06:00 The NEW guy
07:30 Want to have some beer?
08:45 Back to Tectonic Craft Studios
10:15 Question: Why Warmachine instead of Hordes?
17:35 Ragna shield guard's the conversation
19:45 Rick arrives from Tectonic Craft Studios and talks 3d printing
32:55 Lazeretc on Facebook. BeerThralls pint glasses!
34:30 Kurt shows up with a leather mug!
37:35 Bob Barker is a lich
38:50 Back to Masters.... and team tournament
58:15 Burgers are half off?!
1:00:20 Other things that happened and classes
1:05:20 Back to Crystal Brush and Wappel


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Season 2 Episode 13: Adepticon Part 1

That's right ladies and gents, ADEPTICON! If you follow us on Facebook (and you should), we had a blast of late nights drinking and having fun.
03:12 Cheers and 30mm can't have gluten beer
04:10 Vic is a Time Lord
04:40 30mm talk -
08:03 What we have done so far
18:00 Crystal Brush
19:10 Vendor room, Privateer Press minis, and James needs to kill Ragna
36:50 Couple of games played and geeks in trees
50:30 Battlefoam shows up and interviews
53:32 Hey dummies - Raspberry hefeweizen 
59:00 Canadians are Bigfoot
1:01:10 Jay's Big Game
1:03:10 Romeo shows up and the story to end all stories

And we cut when  arrives Tectonic Craft Studios arrives


Scars of Caen for journeymen

So the season is over. This was possibly one of the cooler concepts for seasonal league in a while.

Everybody's a fan of dragons at some level. Even if its solely for  monsters destroying cities. Participating in the storyline to figure out which of two dragons gets to recite "Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!' was fun.

On top of that the Slayer was far and away the best league model.  Combine it with some of the tier list that reward you for a swarm of them...

But it led us to some serious thought:
There's no reason not to start a journeyman league in your local game store.   I know you want to make excuses about being expensive or having All the stuff you want... But local stores provide new players.  It's hard to get a game in with Amazon... and Vassal only goes so far.

So it's time for a journeyman league. New players get welcomed in, older players get a fresh perspective.

I propose:
Random draw of faction (waived for new folks)
Random draw of caster - exclude huge base casters. Newbie veto applies.
35 points
$5 sign up goes to store.
Winner determined by standard league points.

If every store could run these once or twice  a year there would be a constant trickle of income...

Guess its time to organize!


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Perspective is a bitch

Everyone takes something different from an event.  Experiences, hangovers, and in my case: the silverware. Valjean is clucking his dissappointment, but its true.

If you've been listening to the podcast we've been intense about this coming Adepticon for :

The Crystal Brush. (A minis painting competition.)
To go out and play with strangers.
And our internet radio show.

I've had a chance to read for half a week about 40k players being so hurt in regards to this edition of their game. Only days before going to the largest House Rules events to become internet heroes.  "I don't like X. Y is unfair. Girls don't belong. Crush all those scrubs!  Win for the Cobra Kai dojo!"

In essence a caldera of misogyny and displaced competition attempting to be one of the nerdiest bachelor parties ever.  Without much nudity because everyone has to go home to their wives.

So I'm hoping all our readers and all our listeners that did get a chance to go up there hold on to just a little bit of perspective:

You went out to play.  Some of you in a city you've never been to before. With people you may not have met. Go to restaurants you don't have near your home. Go out for a couple hours and just see the city.  Make sure to have some Gatorade ... and get it from the corner store rather than 7 11.

We can stay in our lightless man cave and work on our cave  fish complexion when we're at home.

Go raise a glass with a stranger! Let them tell you about their home  meta. Tip the servers better than you would at home. Take some photos to share with your friends.

Whatever you do: don't let the idea that you're going to a competition devour the innocent childish fun of going out to play!!


Monday, March 31, 2014

Season 2 Episode 12: Be excellent to each other

Just a few of us braved going out to the Alamo where I started recording before the guys knew the mic was on. We talk about the prep for Adepticon.
NO TOPIC BOY! Bwahahaha we go nuts!
04:25 Cheers!
04:45 Jack Marshals
15:50 What the hell? 40K talk?
16:40 Meanwhile, in a good game
20:15 The Bokur sucks? and shield guard
25:10 Knocked down models and Ride-by Attacks
27:35 Beer talk and Adepticon
1:10:23 Close out


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A very late shout out

As promised I would post and discuss what was the most memorable game of my last Steamroller tournament.

EHaley...this was an atrocious experience - not from a player perspective, but from a "What the hell am I gonna do?" perspective.

If you look at the table this is the last two rounds of me being dug in like a tick trying to tough until the clock runs out.

Ships in the Night : Tier 4 pSkarre 2 (Max) Press Gang Blackbane's 2 sea dog deck gun 2 revenant cannon crew 2 Mariner 2 warwitch siren 3 scavenger VS: eHaley Thorn Stormwall 2 storm Strider 2 stormsmith storm caller Stormsmith light artillery 6 storm knights And I forget....

Honestly were it not for lucky tough rolls and one movement mistake I would have been tabled.
If my opponent and I had learned any lessons from this weekend it was to watch the positioning of our casters much more closely. I had said this once in the podcast but it bears repeating : I was completely outmatched. Not quitting and desperately hanging on made a better game.
Apparently luck can sometimes substitute for practice!

In perspective my opponent had a picture perfect game. I was jealous! Then luck laid him low. I can't wait to try it again and see how it goes next time!


Monday, March 24, 2014

Season 2 Episode 11: Cupcake Thralls strikes again

Hi everyone! We are back at Nathan's house with our favorite cupcakes and talking about the bestest game ever: Warhammer 40k!

Powered by happiness and sugary confection!
07:00 Raise your cupcakes!
10:20 1 Minute affirmation
12:00 Zhal with Gatorman Bokur and shamblers... OMG
15:00 BeerThralls fanfic
17:00 Vengeance fluff
44:05 Actual game stuff in Vengeance
56:15 Last beer down


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Season 2 Episode 10: We're bad at podcasts

Its snowing!! We are sitting at the house because St. Patty's day at a bar is loud. But, we brought beer and talk about the local 27 person tourney.

02:00 Cheers!
06:20 Once again Jacob has not seen 5th Element
10:28 Topic Boy!
11:03 Topic Boy Dubstep
12:38 Huzzah Hobbies 50 point Tournament
19:47 Scott drops a coin
1:25:20 Welcome to Recipe thralls
1:25:55 Adepticon
1:26:35 Minute Rant!
1:28:16 Nathan wins a bet
1:29:02 Closing out


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Just as a shout out:

Wargames Bakery makes a damn fine product.

These guys sell a six inch negative impression disk to help with so:

Its distressingly easy to use - even for those of us with a taste for drink.

As you can see its just press putty against the base (and if you can't figure putty out sober up and come back tomorrow.

Welcome back!  Now press the putty into your base, moisten it and the mold (it gets embarrassing if you can't. It is also part of the instructions. No, really, I read the manual.)


No, get in there and look at it:

Let it cure overnight...

and even my crap can look a little better.

Give these guys a look.


Not a sermon

Okay I lied.
After all you left this pulpit out all inviting...who could have controlled themselves?

The worst thing about tournament is it brings out the worst in our competitive streak. With every person jockeying for a better position it's very easy to lose track of certain basic ideas:

You are a guest
The tournament organizers doing this for both fun and as a service. Being both courteous and gracious should be expected behavior. Please and thank you not just for old movies and formal dining.

Everyone is as important as you are.
More accurately everyone is as unimportant as you are. The organizer has how many other people to tend to as well as yourself?  Demonstrate some humility.

Hold your comments to the end
You may be tempted to speak your mind. Unless its against an urgent (fire, injury, biological) issue there is no reason to speak out. You have plenty of charm for your opponents and.this is a good time to be sociable.  Issues with the event can be brought to the organizer after. This means accepting their rulings with grace and humility. The time to gripe is in the car riding home.

You are going out to play.
This idea is critical. If you have read too much Tucker Max or Sirlin you need to go fuck off. Sincerely.  Whether science reinforces the theory that pressure improves play (to a point) or not this is closer to sandlot soccer than FIFA tryouts.  If you can't keep it to pre Bobby Fisher shenanigans then go home.

That said
Good luck to everyone not me.
Play a good game.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Competitus interrupus

Tis the season.
No, really : within 3 hours drive there appears to be a steamroller event at least once a month from now until August.  At least where I am.

I'm handing out wins at the cost of strength of schedule. Unlike the Santa Claus of your childhood I won't be wearing red or reeking of cheap whiskey - my gift to you.

Its going to be like an ASPCA ad: Sarah McLachlan will sing and drop her best guilt trip. " For just pennies a day you can help these poor pathetic drunks learn to play.  You can save these thralls from the pain and humiliation of their podcast. Won't you save a man from crying into his beer week after week? Call now..."


In my desperate attempts to get better at this game I have gone off the deep end to test drive lists that completely controvert the established Cryx meta.

There are arguments that Tier list are simply not competitive. Malarkey. It's no fun being on the business end of some tiers.  The Cryx ones however can devolve In to bad comedy. Two of those are the ones I will be using:

Ships in the Night
Also known as the "I can haz piratez?" list. And all the Pirates I shall bring. Thanks to the magic of eBay and timed matches rather than timed turns I expect to be only slightly less popular than taxes.

Machine Minds
The only reason I have Iron Lich Overseer.  Also a desperate hope that I play against a high percentage of warmachine. 

Like any of my plans, and completely against my advice on how to get to Broadway, I know in my heart I am far too clever for my own good.  I am simply too confident about and too comfortable with this idea. I should instead be bringing it tried and true tournament list.

On the other hand: 
One of the throws has been very proud at having an army painted for this tournament. He started in January.
I started one of my list bare metal the beginning of this month.  With any luck I can pull that off and have a moral victory. :)

The fully painted army would be nice too.


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Season 2 Episode 9: Returning Douche'

James is very tired so editing is very light. That means you get to hear a lot of the banter we cut out!
4:05 Cheers
4:50 Topics... sort of
5:17 We are being given crap and Burlesque troop Those Freaking Weirdos
9:33 50 Point Steamroller event at Huzzah Hobbies in Sterling VA
14:20 Lists you always bring to tournaments (like the one on the 15th at Huzzah Hobbies!)
39:42 BEER!
50:27 Coin check funnies
53:42 Breweries in Richmond and food trucks
58:15 Adepticon
1:07:57 Closing out


Monday, March 3, 2014

Season 2 Episode 8: Our gang sign is a clinking glass

Scott and James return from the 50 point Steamroller down at the End Games and talk about their games while drinking amazing beer.
01:05 Cheers
09:20 We actually say who we are
13:40 Thanks Jim for running an awesome tournament!
27:30 James has more servators then fits on a Broken Egg Board
30:20 Untapped app
38:10 Burlesque shows know us
49:44 Steam Powered Giraffe Diamonds cover
1:00:40 Nathan's wedding ring is a bottle opener
1:01:00 Anne Hathaway is sparkly

Friday, February 28, 2014

Insomnia and tournaments

I woke up at 2:00 A.M. today from a dream in which I was playing Warmachine at the Tournament on Saturday. In it I had forgotten models, forgot to paint a model, played the wrong caster with the wrong list, and a host of other dumb things. I don't get to play in a lot a tournaments. With wedding planning and other things going on in my life I don't have the chance to drop 10 hours on a weekend to play. But why am I waking up from dreams about it? 1. I don't trust my skill - If you have heard the podcast, I get a lot of rules wrong. I forget models have pathfinder or side step or other special rules. 2. PANIC! - I am the type of person who shows up 30 mins early because I want to make sure I get there on time. Throw a deathclock or 100 min games at me and I rush. I panic I am running out of time. I need to slow down and think out the next two rounds. 3. I have triple checked... maybe I should check again. - Welcome to OCD (see the above 30 min early thing). I wrote my lists, checked my bag, checked the list to what was in the bag, checked my tokens and dice, piled up my bag and everything that needs to go, opened the bag and counted servators (9 Elimination, 6 Accreation, 6 Reflex, 6 Attunement, 2 IM servators), checked my desk for left over models, went to sleep... still panicked I forgot something... 4. Fighting urge as I write this to double check my bag... I just need to be calm and relax. It isn't like you are doing the Master's primary with Convergence in a little over a month at Adepticon... ... ... whimper... I am never going to sleep...

Thursday, February 27, 2014

On painting and tournament requirements

There are several opinions about painting requirements and competition.   One of the most prevalent argument is that someone just wants to play and [insert excuses here]…

The most common excuse is simply they don't have time.  A can of spray paint and glue take very little time.  A three color minimum is as simple and takes only a few minutes more.  Preferring to be unpainted over painted poorly is really the difference between using the ground or an ashtray.

The position that it doesn't make a difference is technically true. Painted and unpainted models have no innate game benefit. In fact unpainted models have an advantage in lists with multiples if the same unit - but that would be unsportsmanlike. We don't espouse emergent benefits like that.

One can rationally argue that they are too detail oriented when they paint.  Therefore you can...but choose not to and we get back to time. Farmville will wait. Its okay.

These three options all boil down to it not being a priority.  I acknowledge letting that priority slip myself.  I have a unit of PrimerBane's Raiders that can attest to that. My workbench is overfull too! 

That painting is difficult doesn't really fly either.  Spraypaint is easy unless you have a tremor. Most of us don't. 

So it seems to really boil down to not wanting to paint. I get that. I don't want to exercise in the morning...hell, I should exercise harder!  Yet I do. Because the desired results require action.

I get more games in because I use a painted army.  As much because "hey, wow, those look nice" "thanks! Good luck!" is a rewarding exchange as that little bit of pride makes me more willing to get on the table. Even with my win/loss ratio being so low the effort to paint makes me more willing to justify that effort with play. Nothing like 100 hours painting for making one want to get 200 hours of game in.

'I can't motivate myself to paint' becomes the real obstacle.  Yes, you can, it simply requires you take the time to create the ritual. You already spent the time to invest in learning, and getting your supplies.  Taking this last step is as rewarding as one lets it be.

(And for the morning exercise thing - its been miserable, and had a hidden cost of having to buy new clothes. I still complain about it being horrible...
"I hate it, but I got it done. What's next?"
- we all agree it ,and the painting,  sucks.)


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tournament Performance Anxiety

,I don't know about most of our readers, but I have a nasty case of list performance anxeity tlbefore a tournament.
In this case /weeks/ before.
I keep harping on "how to get to Broadway". Well, sometimes practice gives me an ulcer.
Players lament that Cryx is over powered but, at least in my Meta, I'm the one everyone steps up to practice against.  It means I'm not unaccustomed to catching a few beating a week. 
In the process of getting Ready for tournaments there's still a whole lot of losses to get over.  Defeat week after week after week tends to wear on a person... Despair sets in And we start to wonder what sort of challenge we might present.
The folks reading this might think I win a game or two. The fact of the matter is except for to Lucky streaks my tournament standings are fairly miserable.  In the last six months my best tournament standings were two wins and two losses; I typically go one and three. Worse yet it's often in that order - Sweep the first game and lose horribly for all the rest.
There I go time again where I know I'm probably not going to take top table.
Seems silly huh?
I'd like to blame my list for not being able to take all comers.  But the lists are fairly standard across most meta - so that really can't be it. If only I were faster or more heavily armored or hit harder.
And the one off and I'm least proud of I absolutely tilted. I got to meet some great folks from the Nova Nomads team...and provide little more than a sociable speedbump.  Hyped from the earlier week I hit a wall of losses and turned salty.
Now that's at the top of my concerns at tournament: Being a good sport.
I play a lot of 35 points. A sweet spot for me I think. Its just enough to Give you room to have toys yet not enough that you don't have to be very efficient. 50 points change how certain packages are efficient.  Units that are solid in small numbers can get large enough to get in their own way.   Units like press gangers on a lucky turn can suddenly explode and increase their numbers drastically.  I don't usually bring twice the units I need. I'm unreasonable like that.
Suffice to say I'm fretting about 50.  This week's podcast will tell you that I actually made a decision.  The issue being of course I didn't leave myself enough time to test drive anything.  Two of my list I will be going into blind And violating the Broadway concept. 
The 'ships in the night' list Is fairly straightforward but it doesn't have hitting power that one would expect to see out of Skarre. The lack of satyxis or bane thralls leaves me questioning if it can handle some heavier armor.  My consolation being press ganging warders will be hilarious.
Machine Minds Is going to be an interesting experiment. A half dozen heavy jacks Is not an everyday sight. The ability to put infernal machine on 4 of them every turn Is going to leave me far too tempted To leave heavy Jacks  unsupported. Being able to put ambush on a speed 7 incorporeal model Is going to change the complexion of Missions drastically. My average speed Should give me a command of the field on the end of my first turn And near impunity on turn two... Leaving me to pretty much play like the Redskins.
Is the third List that really has me tied up in knots.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Season 2 Episode 7: Powered by beer!

Welcome welcome! Here we sit at the Alamo, beers in hand. Let the ramblings begin because.... seriously.... who reads this when you can listen!
Mark it! 02:07 Nathan's Batman
03:12 Cheers
04:40 A not so wild Jake appears
05:05 Nathan's minute rant
06:32 We think we figured out how Convergence plays
19:02 Meta shift (sort of... when you hear it you will understand)
25:00 Victor appears!!!
26:40 Chasing Rabbits: James screws up logic
31:06 And sort of back on topic
34:40 Advanced deploy
36:02 Chasing Rabbits 2: Adepticon
45:12 Back to Advanced Deploy
55:49 Other things and War room
1:04:12 End!


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

This is why I hate.

Nothing in particular, mind you. Just hate.

From the headlines of our friends at BOLS:
40K - The Unbeatable List 

 There is no such thing.

I don't believe in hero worship. I know it exists but I think its a waste of energy.
From out friends at Endgame Gaming:

Will plays well.  Congratulations to him!

Lets look at his lists

Nothing here is particularly new and amazing. Except that he had Issyria.  The new and amazing part of that was that he got his hands on her.  Otherwise these lists have been seen time and again.

Scott Wray brought something interesting.  Mortenebra is fairly rare.

This I found particularly interesting

The factions came out as statistically expected - Cryx, with 25% of the showing had one in each quartile. Cygnar was well distributed. The dark horse, Khador, did better than all the smack talk I get in our local meta.

From a player perspective I found something else interesting:
Folks broke out the models they had to score that morning.   In the interest of scathing rhetoric : What? Did they just break out a baggie, some super glue and a spritzer, roll the parts around, and stick them on a base until the parts held? 
(Full Disclosure: I haven't seen all the photos. All my stuff isn't painted. Sometimes this blog is like FOX news. Get over it.)

So let's get back on rant:

and by Toruk's raspy toilet paper I will  keep drilling this into people's head until they catch onto this.

I suffer my share of losses.  Hell, I snatch defeat from the jaws of impending victory all the time.  Rumor has it I'm teaching people...but the truth is that I suck.  Still, on a good day, I'll house any one of the so-called best players in the world. 
Why? People aren't always at their best.  No list is impervious. Random chance always has a part.  the best we can hope for is a good list, and to know our game. 

This is the sort of thing that drives me up a wall about netlisting: Fawning over a list that is solid in a vacuum.
I admit we have a game about steamroller coins - its a game, about a game, for a beer.  It doesn't make me a better player than the other Beerthralls.  I had a good day.  Of the skill of all the beerthralls...I'm the duck tacos of the group yet I've squeaked a win out against them all.
The Professor is academically superior - encyclopedic and good at applying his knowledge.
The Eternal Guest - whose one flaw is second guessing herself.
The Tallest simply doesn't get enough practice. When he does practice he makes sweeping changes to the last list he played rather than tweaks.
Topic Boy is methodical and knows his stuff cold.  He practices the same list over and over until he feels ready to get to broadway.
I could go on but you get the point :  all it takes is a good day. One opening. One slip. One

Go out and take a good day.
or get a beer and laugh about it...and get that good day tomorrow.


Monday, February 10, 2014

Season 2 Episode 6: Nathan's Mom is a nice lady

It is Sunday night, the Olympics is on, and what are we doing? Drinking and podcasting! Straight from the Alamo, we down our beers and talk about the new stuff revealed at Templecon.
04:25 Cheers!
06:40 Topic Boy keeps trying but damn if we will let him
08:10 The first thing: Crutch models
16:55 Most amazing transition by Nathan and then fails to go into the next topic
17:50 PP Keynote
53:11 Our Slowgrow
1:02:43 New listener and Adepticon meet-and-greet
1:06:28 Last Beer Down
1:10:00 Legion starter box's come with a coin


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