Monday, January 27, 2014

Season 2 Episode 4: TOGTFO Colin

It is a sad day as Colin is moving away from the group. We meet up at the Alamo to drink his farewell and his new adventures.

05:57 Cheers
06:25 Nathan is Topic Man!
09:35 Plug for Gamers Lounge series for games' developers
11:17 Is Warmachine balanced?
35:25 Do what you love. Are customers always right?
46:37 Tournament formats
53:34 Noob throws a coin check and we all fail...
57:27 Last beer down


Friday, January 24, 2014

Tiers and cynicism

The tier list in NQ this month are a cynic's dream being both cool and effective.

Wraith Witch Deneghra gets buddy-buddy with cephalyx.  Tier 4 can easily be achieved in 35 points and is so good it inspires purchases.
In reducing the cost of Cephalyx it takes drudges from also ran to what I suspect will become a strong tournament contender.  At 50 points I forsee the 35 point list having arc nodes and a kraken.

The circle list brings tharn off the shelves as well.  All the classic tricks plus Tharn for infantry punch.  The ability to bleed off fury more efficiently will make Kaya much more attractive.

The rockstar teaser is Goreshade - Lord of Ruin.
It plays completely differently than other Goreshade while slinging Scaverous level spells.  This is as much a trap model as Scaverous : you will want to play the current turn, and spend twenty games mastering his feat.

As for Retribution ...
To urcaen with them. :p
I don't get this one yet...


Monday, January 20, 2014

Season 2 Episode 3: Listen to me. LISTEN TO ME!

Well, first James was missing, now Nathan! The show must go on! Here we sit at the Landsdowne Tavern babbling while the sportsball is being played in the other room. But, never fear. We still talk for your pleasure.
02:25 James is Topic boy and forgets the cheers
02:52 Retribution is the new hotness
16:55 What are your auto-includes and how you build your list
24:55 We remembered to Cheers!
39:15 Beerthrall Video
44:35 FA Units
1:00:10 Last beer down

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

And on the 6th day...

Here it is a new year and we still haven't figured out what to do!

Well, I'd spoil the podcast for you, but with faces made for radio we have to get our internet fame somehow.

So the turn of the New Year requires us to start with some psychotic expectations of turning over a new leaf. Changes like this are made step by step not whuhole cloth... unless you want to fail. Go ahead: research how to change habits. We'll wait.

Groovy. Now you're back hopefully with popcorn and a pint. ( What? Popcorn is banned at the podcast.)

A proper nerd rage should have come over you and filled your mind with "U R NOT THE BOSZ OV ME!". Now look at your treadmill.  Yeah, the thing all that laundry is piled on. I get it. We're all busy with beer and pine nuts.

We're also really good at letting ourselves slip back into bad habits.  Old familiar ways are easy and reward our brains with floods of happy chemicals.   Step by step we have to change. By way of example: I took the elevator into the office today.  Four floors is nothing to climb as stairs...but old habits kicked in.

So what I'm looking for really is not to jump head first into new habits that have to compete with the old habits. I want to break the old one and replace it with something else.

I've gotten more hours in the painting chair. It's a great start but I need to stop getting distracted by everything else.  This week I have not treated myself like my own client.

So its baby steps: a half hour a night instead of Leno instead of Assassin's Creed or Pokemon ( we're not judging... except squirtle)
as i push for fully painted in 2014 I have to break these old habits.

Especially taking 10 days to post on our blog.


Monday, January 13, 2014

Season 2 Episode 2: Post Tourney Blues

While James is down with the flu, the crew heads over to the Landsdowne Tavern. Strangely, we actually come up useful info... how odd... BUT. I am not there to stop them from crunching into the mic!
05:24 Topic Boy becomes a committee of people
07:01 Where we source our information
07:21 Cheers... late
14:24 The tournament at Game Vault
28:20 Trap Models
52:44 Last Beer Down

Monday, January 6, 2014

Season 2 Ep 1: All lords of a different land

Not canceled by Fox, we are back for a new year! Sitting in the Alamo, sipping our beers, and going on long rants about anything and everything.

Note: If you think this season will be more informative to you than last.... you are sadly mistaken.

5:23 Yep... It took us 5 minutes to introduce 5 people. Cheers!
5:30 Topic boy! Please save us!
7:00 Wait... Really... I think someone needs to listen to the podcast. Once again. Topic boy is engaged...
8:13 Dark Horse casters and comic talk?
10:45 Season 1 in review
29:54 Transition into How release schedule effects tournaments and Sportsball!
38:06 Oh man.. we are old...
48:21 New Years Resolutions
1:02:00 Closing out


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