Monday, January 6, 2014

Season 2 Ep 1: All lords of a different land

Not canceled by Fox, we are back for a new year! Sitting in the Alamo, sipping our beers, and going on long rants about anything and everything.

Note: If you think this season will be more informative to you than last.... you are sadly mistaken.

5:23 Yep... It took us 5 minutes to introduce 5 people. Cheers!
5:30 Topic boy! Please save us!
7:00 Wait... Really... I think someone needs to listen to the podcast. Once again. Topic boy is engaged...
8:13 Dark Horse casters and comic talk?
10:45 Season 1 in review
29:54 Transition into How release schedule effects tournaments and Sportsball!
38:06 Oh man.. we are old...
48:21 New Years Resolutions
1:02:00 Closing out


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