Friday, January 24, 2014

Tiers and cynicism

The tier list in NQ this month are a cynic's dream being both cool and effective.

Wraith Witch Deneghra gets buddy-buddy with cephalyx.  Tier 4 can easily be achieved in 35 points and is so good it inspires purchases.
In reducing the cost of Cephalyx it takes drudges from also ran to what I suspect will become a strong tournament contender.  At 50 points I forsee the 35 point list having arc nodes and a kraken.

The circle list brings tharn off the shelves as well.  All the classic tricks plus Tharn for infantry punch.  The ability to bleed off fury more efficiently will make Kaya much more attractive.

The rockstar teaser is Goreshade - Lord of Ruin.
It plays completely differently than other Goreshade while slinging Scaverous level spells.  This is as much a trap model as Scaverous : you will want to play the current turn, and spend twenty games mastering his feat.

As for Retribution ...
To urcaen with them. :p
I don't get this one yet...



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