Friday, February 28, 2014

Insomnia and tournaments

I woke up at 2:00 A.M. today from a dream in which I was playing Warmachine at the Tournament on Saturday. In it I had forgotten models, forgot to paint a model, played the wrong caster with the wrong list, and a host of other dumb things. I don't get to play in a lot a tournaments. With wedding planning and other things going on in my life I don't have the chance to drop 10 hours on a weekend to play. But why am I waking up from dreams about it? 1. I don't trust my skill - If you have heard the podcast, I get a lot of rules wrong. I forget models have pathfinder or side step or other special rules. 2. PANIC! - I am the type of person who shows up 30 mins early because I want to make sure I get there on time. Throw a deathclock or 100 min games at me and I rush. I panic I am running out of time. I need to slow down and think out the next two rounds. 3. I have triple checked... maybe I should check again. - Welcome to OCD (see the above 30 min early thing). I wrote my lists, checked my bag, checked the list to what was in the bag, checked my tokens and dice, piled up my bag and everything that needs to go, opened the bag and counted servators (9 Elimination, 6 Accreation, 6 Reflex, 6 Attunement, 2 IM servators), checked my desk for left over models, went to sleep... still panicked I forgot something... 4. Fighting urge as I write this to double check my bag... I just need to be calm and relax. It isn't like you are doing the Master's primary with Convergence in a little over a month at Adepticon... ... ... whimper... I am never going to sleep...

Thursday, February 27, 2014

On painting and tournament requirements

There are several opinions about painting requirements and competition.   One of the most prevalent argument is that someone just wants to play and [insert excuses here]…

The most common excuse is simply they don't have time.  A can of spray paint and glue take very little time.  A three color minimum is as simple and takes only a few minutes more.  Preferring to be unpainted over painted poorly is really the difference between using the ground or an ashtray.

The position that it doesn't make a difference is technically true. Painted and unpainted models have no innate game benefit. In fact unpainted models have an advantage in lists with multiples if the same unit - but that would be unsportsmanlike. We don't espouse emergent benefits like that.

One can rationally argue that they are too detail oriented when they paint.  Therefore you can...but choose not to and we get back to time. Farmville will wait. Its okay.

These three options all boil down to it not being a priority.  I acknowledge letting that priority slip myself.  I have a unit of PrimerBane's Raiders that can attest to that. My workbench is overfull too! 

That painting is difficult doesn't really fly either.  Spraypaint is easy unless you have a tremor. Most of us don't. 

So it seems to really boil down to not wanting to paint. I get that. I don't want to exercise in the morning...hell, I should exercise harder!  Yet I do. Because the desired results require action.

I get more games in because I use a painted army.  As much because "hey, wow, those look nice" "thanks! Good luck!" is a rewarding exchange as that little bit of pride makes me more willing to get on the table. Even with my win/loss ratio being so low the effort to paint makes me more willing to justify that effort with play. Nothing like 100 hours painting for making one want to get 200 hours of game in.

'I can't motivate myself to paint' becomes the real obstacle.  Yes, you can, it simply requires you take the time to create the ritual. You already spent the time to invest in learning, and getting your supplies.  Taking this last step is as rewarding as one lets it be.

(And for the morning exercise thing - its been miserable, and had a hidden cost of having to buy new clothes. I still complain about it being horrible...
"I hate it, but I got it done. What's next?"
- we all agree it ,and the painting,  sucks.)


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tournament Performance Anxiety

,I don't know about most of our readers, but I have a nasty case of list performance anxeity tlbefore a tournament.
In this case /weeks/ before.
I keep harping on "how to get to Broadway". Well, sometimes practice gives me an ulcer.
Players lament that Cryx is over powered but, at least in my Meta, I'm the one everyone steps up to practice against.  It means I'm not unaccustomed to catching a few beating a week. 
In the process of getting Ready for tournaments there's still a whole lot of losses to get over.  Defeat week after week after week tends to wear on a person... Despair sets in And we start to wonder what sort of challenge we might present.
The folks reading this might think I win a game or two. The fact of the matter is except for to Lucky streaks my tournament standings are fairly miserable.  In the last six months my best tournament standings were two wins and two losses; I typically go one and three. Worse yet it's often in that order - Sweep the first game and lose horribly for all the rest.
There I go time again where I know I'm probably not going to take top table.
Seems silly huh?
I'd like to blame my list for not being able to take all comers.  But the lists are fairly standard across most meta - so that really can't be it. If only I were faster or more heavily armored or hit harder.
And the one off and I'm least proud of I absolutely tilted. I got to meet some great folks from the Nova Nomads team...and provide little more than a sociable speedbump.  Hyped from the earlier week I hit a wall of losses and turned salty.
Now that's at the top of my concerns at tournament: Being a good sport.
I play a lot of 35 points. A sweet spot for me I think. Its just enough to Give you room to have toys yet not enough that you don't have to be very efficient. 50 points change how certain packages are efficient.  Units that are solid in small numbers can get large enough to get in their own way.   Units like press gangers on a lucky turn can suddenly explode and increase their numbers drastically.  I don't usually bring twice the units I need. I'm unreasonable like that.
Suffice to say I'm fretting about 50.  This week's podcast will tell you that I actually made a decision.  The issue being of course I didn't leave myself enough time to test drive anything.  Two of my list I will be going into blind And violating the Broadway concept. 
The 'ships in the night' list Is fairly straightforward but it doesn't have hitting power that one would expect to see out of Skarre. The lack of satyxis or bane thralls leaves me questioning if it can handle some heavier armor.  My consolation being press ganging warders will be hilarious.
Machine Minds Is going to be an interesting experiment. A half dozen heavy jacks Is not an everyday sight. The ability to put infernal machine on 4 of them every turn Is going to leave me far too tempted To leave heavy Jacks  unsupported. Being able to put ambush on a speed 7 incorporeal model Is going to change the complexion of Missions drastically. My average speed Should give me a command of the field on the end of my first turn And near impunity on turn two... Leaving me to pretty much play like the Redskins.
Is the third List that really has me tied up in knots.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Season 2 Episode 7: Powered by beer!

Welcome welcome! Here we sit at the Alamo, beers in hand. Let the ramblings begin because.... seriously.... who reads this when you can listen!
Mark it! 02:07 Nathan's Batman
03:12 Cheers
04:40 A not so wild Jake appears
05:05 Nathan's minute rant
06:32 We think we figured out how Convergence plays
19:02 Meta shift (sort of... when you hear it you will understand)
25:00 Victor appears!!!
26:40 Chasing Rabbits: James screws up logic
31:06 And sort of back on topic
34:40 Advanced deploy
36:02 Chasing Rabbits 2: Adepticon
45:12 Back to Advanced Deploy
55:49 Other things and War room
1:04:12 End!


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

This is why I hate.

Nothing in particular, mind you. Just hate.

From the headlines of our friends at BOLS:
40K - The Unbeatable List 

 There is no such thing.

I don't believe in hero worship. I know it exists but I think its a waste of energy.
From out friends at Endgame Gaming:

Will plays well.  Congratulations to him!

Lets look at his lists

Nothing here is particularly new and amazing. Except that he had Issyria.  The new and amazing part of that was that he got his hands on her.  Otherwise these lists have been seen time and again.

Scott Wray brought something interesting.  Mortenebra is fairly rare.

This I found particularly interesting

The factions came out as statistically expected - Cryx, with 25% of the showing had one in each quartile. Cygnar was well distributed. The dark horse, Khador, did better than all the smack talk I get in our local meta.

From a player perspective I found something else interesting:
Folks broke out the models they had to score that morning.   In the interest of scathing rhetoric : What? Did they just break out a baggie, some super glue and a spritzer, roll the parts around, and stick them on a base until the parts held? 
(Full Disclosure: I haven't seen all the photos. All my stuff isn't painted. Sometimes this blog is like FOX news. Get over it.)

So let's get back on rant:

and by Toruk's raspy toilet paper I will  keep drilling this into people's head until they catch onto this.

I suffer my share of losses.  Hell, I snatch defeat from the jaws of impending victory all the time.  Rumor has it I'm teaching people...but the truth is that I suck.  Still, on a good day, I'll house any one of the so-called best players in the world. 
Why? People aren't always at their best.  No list is impervious. Random chance always has a part.  the best we can hope for is a good list, and to know our game. 

This is the sort of thing that drives me up a wall about netlisting: Fawning over a list that is solid in a vacuum.
I admit we have a game about steamroller coins - its a game, about a game, for a beer.  It doesn't make me a better player than the other Beerthralls.  I had a good day.  Of the skill of all the beerthralls...I'm the duck tacos of the group yet I've squeaked a win out against them all.
The Professor is academically superior - encyclopedic and good at applying his knowledge.
The Eternal Guest - whose one flaw is second guessing herself.
The Tallest simply doesn't get enough practice. When he does practice he makes sweeping changes to the last list he played rather than tweaks.
Topic Boy is methodical and knows his stuff cold.  He practices the same list over and over until he feels ready to get to broadway.
I could go on but you get the point :  all it takes is a good day. One opening. One slip. One

Go out and take a good day.
or get a beer and laugh about it...and get that good day tomorrow.


Monday, February 10, 2014

Season 2 Episode 6: Nathan's Mom is a nice lady

It is Sunday night, the Olympics is on, and what are we doing? Drinking and podcasting! Straight from the Alamo, we down our beers and talk about the new stuff revealed at Templecon.
04:25 Cheers!
06:40 Topic Boy keeps trying but damn if we will let him
08:10 The first thing: Crutch models
16:55 Most amazing transition by Nathan and then fails to go into the next topic
17:50 PP Keynote
53:11 Our Slowgrow
1:02:43 New listener and Adepticon meet-and-greet
1:06:28 Last Beer Down
1:10:00 Legion starter box's come with a coin


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Lord General Coleman Stryker : First Impressions

Lets open with his spells:
Arcane Bolt - Zzzzzz... wha? Oh..yeah.
Chain Blast - Probably not gonna see this one unless he screws up his movement.
Escort - "You really want more than one jack."  If this doesn't scream multiple heavies you're just not paying attention.  Ol' Rowdy...I'm glad its not Infernal Machine.
Fury - Morrow preserve us! Its not like its particularly hard to hit a Jack. I see Khador armor at dice -1-4. This could hurt. 
Iron Agression - Again with the multiple Jacks. This full range of upkeep spells is astounding!!

His feat...automatically hitting sounds a lot like Kreoss 2.  The extra die makes it a threat against heavier targets rather than infantry clearing. This, to me, makes units like Sword and Storm Knights an autoinclude. 

His field marshall is very good. With Assault Defenders get exciting, Stormclads get hateful, and people are glad Cygnar doesn't get thresher...yet.

The mount is a mixed bag. You'll want to charge things that are NOT engaged with friendly models.  Reform doesn't impress because its a 3" advance and triggers countercharge etc so the Elite Cadre has to be used cautiously. A very well balanced choice not to give Dash.

Plasma nimbus.  PLASMA NIMBUS.  This particular toy is a deceptively good defensive ability.  Pow 10, while not impressive alone, consistently delivers damage on arm 16.  He still should have killed his charge target, and shouldn't be risking free strikes, but every little bit helps.

Bring a squire.

So what am I thinking without seeing tier?
35 Points -
Lord General Coleman Stryker.
Black 13
Storm Lances (3)
Major Katherine Laddermore
Anastasia Di Bray (every little bit to take control of the board helps!)

Lord General Coleman Stryker.
Black 13
Storm Lances (3)
Anastasia Di Bray
Taryn di la Rovissi
Long Gunners (6) + UA
Nyss Hunters (6)
Jonas Murdoch
Madelyn Corbeau

ZOMG! Teh Infantriez!  I know, its counterintuitive here.
Nyss go through the roof as assaulting weapon masters.
Taryn clears fire lanes for two blocks of  CRA...not the best CRA known to man, but, POW 16 is just fine, thanks for asking.
Anastasia and Corbeau help guarantee your board position.

if only I wanted to paint blue...


Monday, February 3, 2014

Season 2 Episode 5: Super Sportsball Special!

Super Sportsball Special! Go team with the animal mascot! Listen to us watch the game and babble... Seriously... no tags... because it is crazy.

We talk about taking breaks from the game and Brews the Boss!

12:37 Cheers
12:46 Topic Boy!
34:10 And James does something stupid!
49:34 Minute Rant!

Keep on keeping on.

Unless you live under a rock this was an exciting weekend.
Chinese New Year
Groundhog Day
The Superbowl

Everyone was so worn we had a very inebriated ( if scattered) podcast. Apparently we lent Stella our groove and its still in her carry on.

It's interesting that the podcasts are sometimes less animated then the conversation after. We're going to steal many of the subjects from then for this coming week:

How do you know you're good enough for tournament and does it matter?

Finding the caster for your play style ; just how many games is it take to eke out a win?

Whatever Happened to that table you guys were talking about?

And if we have time:
Menite and Trollblood podcasting:
Push hard for every scrap of success or just do what we do and appreciate the moments that we get?

But those are for next week when I give topic boy his hat back.
It itches.


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