Monday, February 3, 2014

Keep on keeping on.

Unless you live under a rock this was an exciting weekend.
Chinese New Year
Groundhog Day
The Superbowl

Everyone was so worn we had a very inebriated ( if scattered) podcast. Apparently we lent Stella our groove and its still in her carry on.

It's interesting that the podcasts are sometimes less animated then the conversation after. We're going to steal many of the subjects from then for this coming week:

How do you know you're good enough for tournament and does it matter?

Finding the caster for your play style ; just how many games is it take to eke out a win?

Whatever Happened to that table you guys were talking about?

And if we have time:
Menite and Trollblood podcasting:
Push hard for every scrap of success or just do what we do and appreciate the moments that we get?

But those are for next week when I give topic boy his hat back.
It itches.



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